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(note:  herbs/plants ref. w/"The English Physitian", Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. -- where possible.)

or   (Botanical.com, A Modern Herbal, Mrs. M. Grieve)


"...He writes also that such plants grow in Africa, and are there called by a proper name in the country language Ubolima..."


"...The the foresaid dainties, namely Thrushes, Udders, Gnatsnappers, and many Eggs poured unto them, Oysters, Scallops, were thrust into his belly at his mouth..."


 "...Hemlock and Rue are at enmity.  They strive each against other.  Rue must not be handled or gathered with a bare hand, for then it will cause Ulcers to arise..."


"...The juice of black Chamaelion kills heifers by a Quincy.  Wherefore some call it Ulophonon..."


"... Ulysses attempting to know what the Trojans did, clothed in counterfeit garments, and his face changed, did all he would, and was not discovered.  Homer..."


"...Pliny says, that in Spain, but especially in Corsica, there are beasts called Musimones not much unlike to Sheep, which have Goats hair, but in other parts, Sheep; the young ones which are gendered of them, coupling with Sheep, are called by the ancients, Umbri. Strabo calls them Musimones. But Albertus calls them Musini or Musimones, which are gendered of a Goat and a Ram..."


UNGUENT: An ointment for burns. Abrus, Acalypha, Bixa, Cocos, Cucurbita, Gouania, Guazuma, Jatropha, Mangifera, Musa, Ophioglossum, Oryza, Phaseolus, Portulaca, Pothomorphe, Sesamum, Solanum, Theobroma, Typha, Urera.

"...after Distillation, we proceed to Unguents and sweet smells..."

"...An Unguent used in stoves and hot-houses, is good for that purpose (to take off hair), made of Orpiment and Quicklime..."


"...Tretres writes, that the Unicorn so hunts after young virgins, that he will grow tame with them.  And sometimes he will fall asleep by them, and be taken and bound..."

Universal Nature   

"...So then, seeing that forms come from heaven, they must needs be counted divine and heavenly things, for such is the pattern and the most excellent cause of them, which Plato, that chief philosopher, calls the Soul of the World, and Aristotle, Universal Nature, and Avicenna calls it Form-giver..."


"...The Wolf  is afraid of the Urchin.  Thence, if we wash our mouth and throats with Urchin's blood, it will make our voice shrill, though before it were horse and dull like a Wolf's voice..."

"...The Urchin with Pondweed..."


"...Take, says he ( Theophrastus), the filth or shavings of skins, and put them in Urine.  And so lay them about the root of the Myrtle tree at such time as the buds begin to show themselves..."

"...We may also take away the creaking noise of Tin, if we melt it seven times, and quench it every time in the Urine of children, or else in the Oil of Walnuts..."


"...Take a vessel of glass like a Urinal..."

"...Make a cap of earth, like to a pyramis, all full of holes, that through the holes, Urinals of earth or Glass may be brought in..."


"...How to extract Oil by Descent...the way is common and vulgar to all.  For it is done by Ustulation..."


Usury - A premium or increase paid, or stipulated to be paid, for a loan, as of money; interest.

"...A matter surely that must be exceedingly profitable, for a man to receive a hundred bushels in Usury as it were..."


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