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(note:  herbs/plants ref. w/"The English Physitian", Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. -- where possible.)

or   (Botanical.com, A Modern Herbal, Mrs. M. Grieve)



---Synonym---Tanner's Bark. The Common, or British Oak, for many centuries the chief forest tree of England, is intimately bound up with the history of these islands from Druid times. A spray of oak was for long engraved on one side of our sixpences and shillings, but is now superseded by the British lion. The Oak, although widely distributed over Europe, is regarded as peculiarly English

"...apply a plaster of the powder to the place, the pain will presently cease, to the admiration of the beholders.  Mistletoe of the Oak, Infused in Wine, and drunk, does the same..."

"...and there Macerated with water, we have brought forth in a manner the very same herbs, as out of an Oaken root, the herb Polypody, and Oak-fern, and Splenewort..."

Oak Fern   

"...and there Macerated with water, we have brought forth in a manner the very same herbs, as out of an Oaken root, the herb Polypody, and Oak-fern, and Splenewort..."


"... If you search in Barley, you shall find a small ear of wild Oats, that is black and wrested, like the foot of a Locust..."


Oderifersous - Bearing or yielding an odor; perfumed; usually, sweet of scent; fragrant; as, odoriferous spices, particles, fumes, breezes.

"...Pliny puts Apples in earthen basins, and so lets them swim in Wine.  For, says he, the Wine by this means will yield a more Odoriferous smell..."

"...Now I come to drink, for I have spoken of meat sufficiently.  And I will teach you to make many sorts of Wine, and that they may be pleasant and Odoriferous. .."


The king of Calydon in Aetolia, husband of Althaea, and father of Meleager. He is thought to have introduced viniculture to Aetolia, and Dionysus himself had given him the first vine branch (oinos, wine). The sons of his brother Agrius removed him from the throne, but Diomedes restored Oeneus to power. Later in life, during a journey through the Peloponnesus, his nephews killed him. Diomedes buried him in Argos, in a spot that was from then on called Oenoë

"...Aelianus reports out of Apion, that in the time of Oeneus King of the South, there was seen a crane that had two heads; and in another king's days, another bird was seen that had four heads..."

Oenanthe  /  Oenothera        

Oenanthe, genus Oenanthe -- (poisonous herbs: water dropworts) water dropwort, hemlock water dropwort, Oenanthe crocata -- (European poisonous herb having tuberous roots, yellow juice that stains the skin, yellow flowers and foliage resembling celery; all parts extremely poisonous) : water fennel, Oenanthe aquatica -- (European poisonous herb with fibrous roots)

"...The herb Oenanthe shall flourish all the year..." 

"... Theophrastus has told us that the herb Oenothera will tame wild beasts, and make them drunk.  And as I said elsewhere, Theophrastus his Oenothera is our Rose-Laurel, against Discorides..."


"...For the less Dross and Offal's that your metal have, they are so much the more serviceable for your use in working..."


 "...Our practice is this, when the Figs begin to wax ripe, we take a wooden Needle, and anoint it over with Oil, and so thrust it through both ends of the Figs..."

"...But cover the pot lest any dirt should fall in.  And let them stand for three days, and Infuse.  Then set them on a gentle fire, and boil them five hours for fifteen days together, until the Oil has extracted all the virtue of the Infused Herbs..."


"... Pliny writes the very same experiment out of  Varro.  That Beans and Pulse being laid up in Oil-buts, and covered over with ashes, have lasted a great while..."

Oil of Almond         

See:  Almond

"...Rear Eggs are good.  Twenty of them boiled hard cut in the middle, and the yolks taken forth.  Fill up the hollow places in the whites, with Oil of sweet Almonds and Rosin of Turpentine.  Extract the Liquor in a glass vessel. .."

"...Take Saltpeter, three ounces, Oil of bitter Almonds, two pounds, of Squils, half a pound.  One Lemon without the Pills.  Mingle them, and let them ferment three days.  Then, with chemical instruments, extract the oil, and anoint your Tetters therewith, and they will be gone, though they seem to turn to a Leprosy..."

Oil of Ben / Oil of Benjamin           

See:  Ben, Benjamin

"...Take Oil of Ben, or of Almonds, mix Musk, Amber, Cinnamon, and Zedoary, well beaten in it.  Put it in a glass bottle, and set it in the Sun, or in Balneo, ten days..."

"...Sweet Oil of Benjamin is to be made by putting Benjamin into a glass Retort, and fitting it to the furnace.  Then increase the fire without any fear of combustion, and you will obtain a fragrant Oil, to be used in precious ointments..."

Oil of Bricks    

 "...Some quench hot bricks in the liquified Salt, and then Distil them with a most intense fire, as in Oil of Bricks..."

Oil of Coloquintida      

See:  Coloquintida

"...Oil of Coloquintida seeds.  The fairest yield a sixth part of a golden color.  It kills worms, and expels them from the children, being rubbed on the mouth of their stomach..."

Oil of Eggs     

"...Oil of Eggs is made by another art.  Take fifty or sixty Eggs, boil them till they are hard.  Then peal them, and take out the yolk.  Set them over warm coals in a tinned Posnet, till all their moisture be consumed, still stirring them with a wooden Spattle..."

Oil of Honey