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(note:  herbs/plants ref. w/"The English Physitian", Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. -- where possible.)

or   (Botanical.com, A Modern Herbal, Mrs. M. Grieve)


"...Another Perfume...annoint the Pill of Citron or Lemon with a little Civet.  Stick it with Cloves and Races of Cinnamon...."


"...And these being thus Racked and Toffed with great pains, at the journeys end you shall find them dead, and very tender..."


"...if they are pound with Mastick.  Columella says, that the Olives which are called Orchites, and those which are called Panfiae, and the little round Olive called Radiolus, are to be knocked and beaten, and so cast into Brine..."


"...If you take, says he, a Truttle of Goats Dung , and bore it through, and make it hollow cunningly with a Bodkin, and then fill it up with the seed of Lettuce, Cresses, Basil, Rotchet, and Radish, and when you have so done, lap them up in more of the same Dung..."

"...As in some cold places of Germany there are Radishes growing as big as a little child..."


"...In a Crystal Pillar see many Rainbows..."