This site is designed to help you to adapt Powerpoints from either your face-to-face or ITV classes for use in your on-line courses as streaming media. Our goal is for you to be able to create your own media to support your on-line classes. You should have a basic understanding of PowerPoint and be using it to support your current classes. For those of you that have attended our ITV training and the "PowerPoint for ITV" session much of what is discussed here will be familiar. If you are planning to attend one of our Streaming Media/Centra training sessions this site will give you a pre-session heads-up or it can be used as reference after attending the session.

After using this site you will be able to create your own PowerPoints presentations, in an economical size, visually appealing style with graphics, narration, appealing the principal of chunking and utilizing the outline section of PowerPoint as classnotes for your learners.

After you create your PowerPoint presentations they will be converted into streaming media, which can be viewed using a RealOne Player. It is important to note that streaming media is best viewed on either DSL or Broadband. Before we start if you do not have a RealOne Player installed on your computer and are familiar with your computers's microphone set-up, let's do that now! On the left of the screen there are the links for the sections of this site. Click on the second one down on the left, RealOne Player and start from there. If you already have A RealOne Player installed and you know how to your microphone on your computer go on to the next section Constructing PowerPoints.