Personal Notes

Last modified: 4/21/2006

Personal History

Philosophical Reception of Spinoza's ideas as Personal Experience

The Great Mountain

A cautionary note on the pathways

Anniversary Celebration

"Returning Annually"

Glimpses of Eternity

Personal "Experience"

Eternity and Time

The Idea behind the Eternity clock

The Mind's Highest Good

Spinoza's Aim

Faith and Reason

Euclid, Spinoza, Science, the Bible, and ways of knowing things. [Updated 3/6/2006]

Jesus and Spinoza

"Cargo Cults", Jesus, Spinoza, ..., and Bill. [Added 3/9/2006]

Spinoza and "religion"

Spinoza and "religion" [Added 4/21/2006]

Spinoza and "philosophy"

The True Philosophy and "Spinoza's philosophy"

Why Study Spinoza?

An approach to Spinoza

Spinoza Study Difficulty

An approach to Spinoza 2

Spinoza and The Understanding

Our Innate Tools

Getting Started with the Ethics Part 1

An approach to Spinoza's Ethics

Science and Knowing

A few thoughts

The "World"

A few thoughts

Finite things

Existence and duration


Active/Passive in Spinoza's Philosophy

Active/Passive Example

Active/Passive in Spinoza's Philosophy, Example


Affirmation and Negation in Spinoza's Philosophy

External Bodies

Spinoza, auto-mechanics, and external bodies


Intellect in Spinoza's Philosophy


A Zen Connection?

Why Study Our Own Nature?

Why study our own particular nature?

The Study of Our Own Nature

How do we observe and study our own nature?


"Bodies" and Motion


Knowledge of the Second Kind

Reason - cont'd

Knowledge of the Second Kind - additional thoughts


Knowledge of the Third Kind


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