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Professor, Department of Management

Academic Co-Director, Sustainable Solutions Lab

University of Massachusetts, Boston





1991-Present   Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston, College of Management

                        Courses taught: Organization Theory, Strategy, Business and Society, Multinationals and Globalization, Business and Climate Change


2013- 2015     Associate Dean Graduate Programs and Research, College of Management

2010- present  Founder and Director of the Center for Sustainable Enterprise and Regional Competitiveness, UMass Boston


1998-1999       Harvard University, J. F. Kennedy School of Government

                        Faculty Research Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs




1987-1992       Harvard Business School, Boston, Mass.

                        Doctor of Business Administration

                        Thesis Title: The Costs of Coordinating International Production


1980-1982:      Recanati Business School, Tel Aviv University, Israel.



1976-1979:      University of Manchester (UMIST), England.

                        B.Sc. Management Science, 1st Class Honours Degree.




2017    Journal of Management Studies Best Paper award for Levy, D., Reinecke, J. and Manning (2016). The Political Dynamics of Sustainable Coffee: Contested Value Regimes and the Transformation of Sustainability.


2016     Strategic Organization 2016 SO! WHAT award winner for the best essay published in the journal five years earlier. Knox-Hayes, Janelle, and David Levy (2011). The politics of carbon disclosure as climate governance. Strategic Organization 9(1):1-9



2016  Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Research, UMass Boston


2011 Aspen Institute, Business and Society Program, Faculty Pioneer Award





To download files, simply click on ‘download’, or if you have trouble with this, right-click on ‘download’ to save the file before opening it. These are pre-publication versions. I am providing a single copy of each article for colleagues, but for copyright reasons, please do not make further reproductions or transmissions.





Wissman-Weber, N. and D. L. Levy (2018, forthcoming). Climate Adaptation in the Anthropocene: Constructing and Contesting Urban Risk Regimes. Organization.


Munir, K., Tanoli, A., Levy, D., and Willmott, H. (2018). The Role of Intermediaries in Governance of Global Production Networks: Restructuring Work Relations in Pakistan’s Apparel Industry. Human Relations, 71(4): 560-583

Online First:



Carberry, E., Bharati, P., Levy, D., and Chaudhury, A. (2017, Forthcoming). Social Movements as Catalysts for Corporate Social Innovation: Environmental Activism and the Adoption of Green Information Systems. Business and Society. 

Online First:


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Non-Refereed Articles, Reports, Book Reviews, and Working Papers


Levy, David L./Sustainable Solutions Lab (2018) Financing Climate Resilience: Mobilizing Resources and Incentives to Protect Boston from Climate Risks. Download


Levy, David L. (2012)  Book review of Climate Capitalism by Peter Newell and Matthew Paterson for Ephemera, 12:1/2 (253-258)


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Newsletter of AoM Organizations and Natural Environment Division, Feb. 2010


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Reprinted in The Encyclopedia of Earth:


Levy, David L. (2005) “The Passion, Prescience, and Politics of The End of Nature.Organization and Environment, Vol. 18, No. 2 pp. 177-182. Download.


Levy, David L. and David Terkla (2005) Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Jobs in Massachusetts. Report Commissioned by the Mass. Renewable Energy Trust.






2016    Collaborator on City of Boston-Barr Foundation grants through Sustainable Solutions Lab. $330,000. Climate Ready Boston Phase 2: Finance and Governance - Evaluation and Recommendations. Leader of Finance sub-group. Grant is supporting 2 PhD students, Nichole Weber and Steve Loren. On steering committee for SSL Harbor Protection study, $300,000 City of Boston/Barr Foundation project.


2016   Co-PI. Agency: NOAA COCA: Ecosystem Services for a Resilient Coast in a Changing Climate. Award NA16OAR4310154. Title: Improving the environment while protecting our coasts: A holistic accounting of ecosystem services of “Green Infrastructure and Natural and Nature-Based Features (NNBF)” in an urbanized coastal environment. PI: Ellen Douglas. Total Budget: $279,000. Duration Aug 2016 to Jul 2018


2013    Co-PI on $3.1 million NSF Division of Graduate Ed. IGERT Grant: Coasts and Communities: Natural and Human Systems in Urbanizing Environments. PI: Robyn Hannigan, School for Environment. NSF EDGE: 1249946. Duration: 09/01/13 to 08/31/18. College of Management and SERC are partners, and funded PhD students will integrate business, science, and policy in research on complex environmental policy.


2005   Awarded grant from NESCAUM (North East States for Coordinated Air Use Management) to study business and economic impact of regional carbon trading system.


2001   Awarded grant from Mass. Technology Collaborative/Renewable Energy Trust Fund, through campus STEP program, to research public role in stimulating region’s renewable energy industry. $200,000


1998: One-year Research Fellowship, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.


1999: Summer. Visiting Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


1998: Awarded $30,000 from the Consortium on Environmental Challenges, MIT, to research corporate strategic responses to the emerging greenhouse gas regime




Membership of Professional Governance Bodies, Editorial and Advisory Boards


Associate Editor Business and Society. Member of editorial boards of Organization, Organization and Environment, and Critical Perspectives on International Business.


September 2002 till present: Member, International Advisory Board of the New Zealand Centre for Business and Sustainable Development


Guest editor of Organization and Environment, 2005, Vol. 18, No. 2, special issue on 15th anniversary of publication of Bill McKibben’s The End of Nature.


Occasional reviewer for National Science Foundation, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Human Relations, Organization, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, California Management Review, Global Environmental Politics, Business and Politics, Review of International Political Economy, Transnational Corporations, International Business Review, Regulation and Governance, Social Forces, Business and Society.