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Journal Articles
Bobel, C. (2008). "From Convenience to Hazard: A Short History of the
Emergence of the Menstrual Activism Movement, 1971-1992"
Health Care
for Women International
, Vol. 29, Issue 7, pp.738-754.

Bobel, C. (2007). "'I'm not an activist, per se, though I've done a lot
of it': Doing Activism, Being Activist and the Perfect Standard in a
Contemporary Movement."
Social Movement Studies Vol. 6, Issue 2, pp.
147-159 .

Bobel, C. (2006). "'Our Revolution Has Style': Menstrual Product
Activists 'Doing Feminism' in the Third Wave."
Sex Roles: A Journal of
, Vol. 54, Issue 4/5, pp. 331-345.

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Continuum Concept."
Journal of the Association for Research on
, Vol. 6, Issue 2, pp. 68-78.

Bobel, C. (2001). "Bounded Liberation: A Focused Study of La Leche
League International."
Gender & Society, Vol 15, No. 1, pp. 130-151.

Book Chapters
Bobel, C. (2009). "Resisting, But Not Too Much: Interrogating the
Paradox of Natural Mothering." In J. Nathanson & L. Tuley (Eds). Mother
Knows Best: Talking Back to Baby "Experts."
Toronto: Demeter Press. (pp.
113-123). [Also reprinted in A. O'Reilly (Ed). Maternal Theory:
Essential Reading 1976-2007. Toronto, Ontario: Demeter Press (pp

Bobel, C. (2006). "Resistance with a Wink: Young Women, Feminism and
the (Radical) Menstruating Body." In J. Lorber & L. J. Moore (Eds.).
Gendered Bodies: Feminist Perspectives from Birth to Death. Los Angeles:
Roxbury Publishing (pp. 87-91.).

Bobel, C. (2010). "Natural Mothering" Andrea O'Reilly & J.
Geoffrey Golson(Eds). Encyclopedia of Motherhood. Sage Publications
(commissioned entry)

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Feminist Identity in the Third Wave." New England Journal of Public
, Vol. 22, Issues 1 & 2 (pp. 207-222).

Bobel, C. (2006). "'Take this Class if You Want to be Brainwashed':
Walking the Knife's Edge Between Education and Indoctrination." Human
Architecture: The Sociology of Self Knowledge
. Vol. IV: Special Issue, Summer (pp.

Tang, S, Sieber, T, Suyemoto, K, Bobel, C. & Torke, A. (2007).
"Introduction: This Bridge We are Building: "Inner Work, Public Acts"" &
"Concluding Reflections-A Dialogue: This Bridge We are Building: "Inner
Work, Public Acts." Human Architecture: The Sociology of Self
. Vol. IV: Special Issue, Summer, (pp. 333-338 & 371-375).

Bobel, C. (2005). "Menstrual Activism." In Boston Women's Health Book
Collective (Eds), Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century, 8th
Edition. New York: Simon & Schuster ( p. 253).

Journal Guest Editing
Kissling, E. & Bobel, C. (forthcoming) Menstruation and Representation.
Women's Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

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