Embodied Resistance Book Talk
with contributors Catherine Connell and Esther Morris
Thursday, December 8, 2011
5 p.m.
Women's Studies Research Center lecture hall
Epstein Building
515 South Street, Waltham, MA

New Blood Radio Interviews and Readings

(All events in 2010)
Thurs., June 17—7:00 pm ET
with Deb Leech of "A Chautauqua"
KOPN, Columbia, MO

Fri, June 25—3:00pm ET
with Arly Helm
KVMR, Grass Valley, CA

Fri., June 28—3:30 pm ET
with John Ford
KAOS, Evergreen, WA

Wed., July 7—11:00am ET
with Bob Salter of "The WFNY Free Forum"

Thurs., July 8—4:15 pm ET
with Merry Gangemi of “Women-Stirred
WGDR, Plainfield, VT

Fri., July 9—10am ET
with Charlotte Crockford of "Feminist Edition"
WUML, Lowell, MA

Sun., July 11—7:00 am ET
with Peter Solomon
WIP, Philadelphia, PA

Sun., July 11—10:30am ET
with Marc Stern and Dave Goodman of "Radio with a View"
WMBR, Cambridge, MA

Mon., July 12—11:00pm ET
with Jone Devlin of "Queer Voices"
KPFT, Houston, TX

Tues., July 13—12:40pm ET
with Frankie Boyer of "The Frankie Boyer Show"
WROL, WSRO, Boston, MA

Wed., July 14—9:10am ET
with Jan Miyaski of "The 8:00 Buzz"
WORT, Madison, WI (download/listen to interview here)

Fri., Aug. 6—7pm ET
Reading at Bluestockings
map here

Fri., Aug. 6—9:40am ET
with Steve Norris, MD of "Surreal News"
WSLR, Sarasota, FL

Sun, Aug. 8—3:30pm ET
with Laura Rinaldi of "The Wimmin's Music Program"
KKUP, Cupertino, CA

Tues., Aug. 10—6:05 pm ET
with Charone Pagett of “Lambda Radio Report
WRFG, Atlanta

Wed., Aug. 25—10:02pm ET
with Josy Catoggio of "Feminist Magazine"
KPFK, Los Angeles

Mon, Aug. 30—12:00pm ET
with Johanna Wildoak of "Wildoak Living"
KZYX, Ukiah, CA