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Current Courses

Introduction to Philosophy

Darwin and the Problems of Philosophy

Past Courses

Ancient Philosophy


Ethics After Darwin

Hellenistic Philosophy

Jesus: Ideas & Myths

Later Greek Philosophy




Introduction to Philosophy - Phil 100

Syllabus - 9am | Syllabus - 1pm | Readings | Notes | Assignments


Apology of Socrates - Plato

Euthyphro - Plato

Letter to Menoeceus - Epicurus


The Five Ways - Aquinas


Protagoras - Plato

Democracy I - Popper

Democracy II - Popper


Meditations I-II - Descartes

Can Computers Think? - Searle (also available here)

The Problem of Consciousness - Searle

Tell Me Why - Dennett

Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding IX-XII - Hume

The Nichomachean Ethics | Book I - Aristotle



Assignment I



First Assignment Due
Friday March, 4

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