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About Adam Beresford

D.Phil., Oxford University, 2002
Ancient philosophy, especially Platonic and Aristotelian ethical theory, Presocratic naturalism, Epicurean and Stoic cosmology, Darwin

I am currently working on Aristotle’s Ethics and Plato’s middle dialogues. My central interest is in the ancient debate over the basis of ethics (or of normativity), in the course of which naturalistic and humanistic ideas competed with Plato and his theistic predecessors and successors. (I see Aristotle as having a foot in both camps.) I am also interested in Darwinian theory, especially evolutionary psychology, and in applying it to our readings of ancient philosophy. Consequently I reject the widespread view that Greek ethical ideas were fundamentally different from our own. That has a bearing on my interest in translation. I am also investigating connections between Stoicism and very early Christianity. I maintain a strong side interest in Greek and Latin philology, and Classical history and literature.

Courses Taught
Adam Beresford teaches Plato, Aristotle, Ancient Philosophy, Jesus: Ideas & Myths, Hellenistic Philosophy, Ethics After Darwin, Introduction to Philosophy, Darwin and the Problems of Philosophy, and Later Greek Philosophy.



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