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Adam Beresford
Born Sydney, Australia, September 2, 1971

• 2002–present: Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts,  
• 2000–2001: Lecturer in Philosophy, Reading University
• 1998–2000: Tutor in Classics and Philosophy, Oriel College, University of Oxford
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• Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Oxford, February 2002
• B.Phil., Philosophy, University of Oxford, September 1997
• B.A., Classics, University of Oxford, September 1993
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Areas of Specialization
Ancient Philosophy, Classical Philology
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• Plato's Protagoras and Meno, translation with notes (Penguin, April 2006)
• 'Nobody's Perfect: A new text and interpretation of Simonides PMG 542,' Classical Philology
   108 (July 2008)
• The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, Vol. LXXI, no. 4808. (with P. Parsons and M. Pobjoy). The Egypt
   Exploration Society, London 2007, p. 27-36.
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Publications (forthcoming)
• 'Erasing Simonides,' Apeiron (forthcoming, 2009)
• 'The Story in the Protagoras: Sketching a Naturalistic Ethics,' forthcoming in Protagoras of Abdera, The Man, His Measure, (Philosophia Antiqua series, 2009), Brill, University of Leiden.
• 'Note on Plato's Protagoras 311b,' Classical Quarterly (forthcoming, 2009).
• 'Commentary on Yunis,' forthcoming in Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy, 2009.
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Other papers and ongoing projects (selected)
• 'Aristotle on Forms of Friendship, a Darwinian Reading'; a look at some of questions raised by
   Aristotle's account of human relationships considered in the light of evolutionary theory.
   (Complete and submitted.)
• 'The Hedonism of Plato's Protagoras': an explication of some philosophical problems in the
   Socratic hedonism in the Protagoras.
• 'Aristotle on Slavery': a philological and philosophical investigation of the textual puzzle at
   Politics 1.7-8.
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Recent Courses Taught
• PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy
• PHIL 310: Ancient Philosophy
• PHIL 351: Plato
• PHIL 452: Aristotle
• PHIL 281b (special topics): Epicureans and Skeptics
• PHIL 281b (special topics): Jesus: Historical & Philosophical Investigations
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• Appointments Committee, Department of Philosophy, (2003/4, 2004/5)
• Member of CLA senate (2005-present)
• Member of Senate Executive Committee (2008)
• Member of CLA Committee for Academic Affairs (2005-present)
• Organizer of Junior Faculty Colloquium series (2006-2008)
• Department treasurer (2005-present)
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