- Department of Anthropology
- M.A. Program in Historical Archaeology
- Eastern Pequot Archaeological Field School (forthcoming - but see here)
- The Andrew Fiske Memorial Center for Archaeological Research
- University of Massachusetts, Boston

Research Overview

My research specializes in historical archaeology, indigenous archaeology, archaeological studies of colonialism, decolonizing methods, and social theory in Native North America. I have interests in practice theory, identity, labor, colonialism, post-colonial theory, and collaborative indigenous archaeology. My main focus is the impact of post-Columbian European colonialism on Native American peoples as part of a simultaneously local and global historical archaeology and the social, cultural, and political trajectories of indigenous societies in Western and Eastern North America. I have conducted field research in Connecticut, Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Texas, and Japan, but my current and long-term project is with the Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation of southeastern Connecticut. You will find more information on these projects below. In addition, I also conduct research on the politics, use, and abuse of heritage, focusing currently on Native American history and the use of frontier language by the U.S. military.

A large portion of this research takes place in the context of the University of Massachusetts Boston, M.A Program in Historical Archaeology. Feel free to contact me as the Graduate Program Director if you have interest in applying to the graduate program.

You can find more details on the two general projects areas by following the links below:


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