The End of Europe's Middle Ages

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Italy's City-States | Eastern Europe | Ottoman Turks | The Church |
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Famine of 1315:

The Black Death link:

The Plague - Contemporary Perspectives:

Southampton Guild Organization, 14c.:

The Jacquerie, 1358:

English Peasants' Revolt, 1381:

Ordinance of Labourers, 1349:

Statute of Labourers, 1351:

Feudal Institutions

Oath of Fealty:

Crusades link:

Chronicle of the Fourth Crusade:

Chivalry link:

Tournament Book of Rene of Anjou, 1406:

New Monarchies

A Brief History of the English Parliament:

Hundred Years' War link:

Medieval English Longbow, Robert E. Kaiser:

Henry V, Shakespeare:

The Wars of the Roses link:

Richard III: The Princes in the Tower:

Judgements of the High Court of Parlement:

The Jacquerie, Jean Froissart:

Joan of Arc:

The Spanish Inquisition:

The European Voyages of Exploration - Spain:

The European Voyages of Exploration - Prince Henry the Navigator:

The European Voyages of Exploration - Portugal:

Holy Roman Empire

Golden Bull of 1356:

Italy's City-States

Investiture Controversy link:

Papal Election Decree, 1059:

Concordat of Worms, 1122:

Vendettas link:

Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare:

Eastern Europe

Hunayadi link:

Siege of Belgrade, 1456:

Teutonic Knights link:

History of the Teutonic Knights:

Ottoman Turks

Islam link:

Ottoman Turks:

The Ottoman State:

The Church

The Great Schism:

Sacrosancta, 1415:

Frequens, 1415:

List of Abuses, 1417:

The Borgia Pope Alexander VI:

Dialogue of Catherine of Siena: http://www.ccel/c/catherine/dialog/dialog.html

In Praise of Folly:

Errors of Jan Hus:

Final Declaration of Jan Hus - July 1, 1415:

Errors of John Wycliffe:

Language and Literature

The Chronicles of Villehardouin:

Beowulf: gopher://

Song of Roland:

The Canterbury Tales - Chaucer:

Inferno link:

Italian version of Inferno:

"Petrarch to Posterity":

The Decameron (excerpt):

Intellectual Life


On Christian Doctrine:

Visual Arts

Visual Arts - Painting:

Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry:

Master of Flémalle:

Jan van Eyck:


Instruments of the Middle Ages link:

The Cantigas de Santa Maria:

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