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Below are select recent publications, many of which have a downloadable PDF version. Please follow full CV link at left for more information about all publications as well as research, teaching, and service. Or, visit my personal page at Academia.edu.

Select Publications

Silliman, Stephen W.
2018 Engaging Archaeology: 25 Case Studies in Research Practice. London: Wiley Blackwell. (Excerpt - Chapter 1)
2018 Rooting in New England: Archaeologies of colonialism, community, and collaboration.. In Engaging Archaeology: 25 Case Studies in Research Practice, edited by Stephen W. Silliman, pp. 135-142. London: Wiley Blackwell.
2018 Engaging archaeology: An introduction and a guide. In Engaging Archaeology: 25 Case Studies in Research Practice, edited by Stephen W. Silliman, pp. 1-11. London: Wiley Blackwell. (Chapter)
2016 Disentangling the archaeology of colonialism and indigeneity. In The Archaeology of Entanglement, edited by Francesca Fernandini and Lindsay Der, pp. 31-38. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.
2015 A requiem for hybridity? The problem with Frankensteins, purées, and mules. Journal of Social Archaeology 15(3):277-298. (Article)

2015 Comparative colonialism and indigenous archaeology: Exploring the intersections. In Rethinking Colonialism: Comparative Archaeological Approaches, edited by Katherine Hayes and Craig N. Cipolla, pp. 213-233. Gainesville: University Press of Florida.

2014 Archaeologies of Survivance and Residence: Reflections on the Historical Archaeology of Indigenous People. In Rethinking Colonial Pasts through Archaeology, edited by Neal Ferris, Rodney Harrison, and Michael Wilcox, pp. 57-75. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hunter, Ryan, Stephen W. Silliman, and David B. Landon
2014 Shellfish Collection and Community Connections: Gender and Sustenance in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Native New England. American Antiquity  79(3):712-729. (Article)

Silliman, Stephen W.
2013 What, Where and When is Hybridity? InThe Archaeology of Hybrid Material Culture, edited by Jeb Card, pp. 486-500. Carbondale: Center for Archaeological Investigations, Southern Illinois University.

2012 Between the Longue Durée and the Short Purée: Postcolonial Archaeologies of Indigenous History in Colonial North America. In Decolonizing Indigenous Histories: Exploring Prehistoric/Colonial Transitions in Archaeology, edited by Maxine Oland, Siobhan M. Hart, and Liam Frink, pp. 113-132. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

2012 Archaeologies of Colonial Reduction and Cultural Production in Native Northern California. In The Oxford Handbook of North American Archaeology, edited by Timothy R. Pauketat, pp. 235-245. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

2011 Households, Time, and Practice: A Reply to Vitelli. American Antiquity 76(1):190-192.

Silliman, Stephen W. and T.J. Ferguson
2010 Consultation and Collaboration with Descendant Communities. In Voices in American Archaeology: 75th Anniversary Volume of the Society for American Archaeology, edited by Wendy Ashmore, Dorothy Lippert, and Barbara J. Mills, pp. 48-72. Society for American Archaeology, Washington, DC. (Chapter)

Silliman, Stephen W. and Thomas Witt
2010 The Complexities of Consumption: Eastern Pequot Cultural Economics in 18th-Century New England.  Historical Archaeology 44(4):46-68. (Article)

Silliman, Stephen W.
2010 Writing New Archaeological Narratives: Indigenous North America.  In Handbook on Postcolonialism and Archaeology, edited by Uzma Rizvi and Jane Lydon, pp. 145-164.  World Archaeological Congress Research Handbooks in Archaeology Series.  Walnut Creek, California: Left Coast Press, Inc.

2010 The Value and Diversity of Indigenous Archaeology: A Response to McGhee. American Antiquity 75(2):217-220. (Article)

2010 Indigenous Traces in Colonial Spaces: Archaeologies of Ambiguity, Origins, and Practices.Journal of Social Archaeology 10(1)28-58. (Article)

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2009 Change and Continuity, Practice and Memory: Native American Persistence in Colonial New England. American Antiquity 74(2):211-230. (Article)

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2008 The 'Old West' in the Middle East: U.S. Military Metaphors in Real and Imagined Indian Country. American Anthropologist 110(2):237-247. (Article)

Silliman, Stephen W. and Katherine H. Sebastian Dring
2008 Working on Pasts for Futures: Eastern Pequot Field School Archaeology in Connecticut. In Collaboration at the Trowel’s Edge: Teaching and Learning in Indigenous Archaeology, edited by Stephen W. Silliman, pp. 67-87. Amerind Studies in Archaeology #2. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Jacobucci, Susan, Heather Trigg, and Stephen Silliman
2007 Vegetation and culture on the Eastern Pequot Reservation: Interpreting millennia of pollen and charcoal in southeastern Connecticut.  Northeast Anthropology 74:13-39.

Cipolla, Craig, Stephen W. Silliman, and David Landon
2007 'Making Do’: Nineteenth-Century Subsistence Practices on the Eastern Pequot Reservation.  Northeast Anthropology 74:41-64.

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Silliman, Stephen W.
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Silliman, Stephen W., Paul Farnsworth, and Kent G. Lightfoot
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Silliman, Stephen W.
1997 European Origins and Native Destinations: Historical Artifacts from the Native Alaskan Village and Fort Ross Beach Sites. In The Native Alaskan Neighborhood, A Multiethnic Community at Colony Ross, edited by Kent G. Lightfoot, Ann M. Schiff, and Thomas A. Wake, pp. 136-178. Contribution of the Archaeological Research Facility 55. Berkeley: Archaeological Research Facility, University of California.


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