Guidelines for Portfolios

1. These are developed from the following components:

2. Sketches: Use the broad guidelines to write something that shows that you are thinking about the week's concepts and how they apply (or do not) in some particular situation. Due by the next class. My comments will affirm what you have done and make suggestions for revision -- revision and resubmission is a standard part of my courses -- and that's how we'll evolve expectations for your particular sketches. (See Example from a previous student)

3. For the final portfolio assignment, identify 6-10 examples from the components in #1 that capture the process of development of your work and thinking about the subject of the course (see course description below). These do not have to be simply your best products. Write a 1000-1500 word essay that explains your choices and discusses them in relation to the various aspects of the course description, insofar as it represents the goals of the course. (See Examples from previous students)
Complete draft due Week 13, uploaded to blog for instructor and peer commentator; comments due by week 14. Final version due one week after last class, uploaded to the same place.