think-pieces on working in and changing Academic Organizations

Notes on consensus decision-making

Equitable & decentralized setting of Teaching Load

Some practices and principles that help a department be supportive, collegial, and congenial

What comes first -- a hierarchy of responsibilities

What principles govern our service in the institution

Etiquette in email-mediated interactions

Administrators' Responsibilities

Making it easier to have Multi-departmental/college graduate programs

Guidelines for educationally justified and sustainable choices of when and how to integrate technologies

Conditions for a Successful workshop

Partner hiring

A scheme to improve equity & diversity in faculty appointments

Virtual Office

Use of wikis

Themes, Practices, Resources for Faculty-initiated Mentoring


To be added

Autonomy vs. accountability re-conceived
Psycho-ideology of meritocracy
Looking ahead vs. truth & reconciliation
Strategic Planning that is strategic and involves real-izable plans
Structure vs. personalities
When "good people become bad deans"--what happened and can that be turned around?

Building coalitions
Post-it visioning