Stanze di Raffaello Stanze e Loggia di Raffaello Iubilaeum
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Pope Julius II Della Rovere commissioned 25 year old Raphael Sanzio in 1508 to paint the frescos in his four room apartment on the top floor. Three of the rooms were of modest dimensions, while the fourth one was considerably larger; with the completion of the work, the rooms became known as "The Raphael Stanze" .
They comprise the Stanza della Segnatura, the Stanza of Heliodorus, the Stanza of the Borgo Fire and the Sala of Constantine.
The Raphael Loggia consist of 13 arches forming a gallery 65 meters long and 4 meters wide. The construction was started by Bramante in 1512, under Pope Julius II and was completed by Raphael Sanzio under the reign of Leo X. The pictorial work was initiated in 1517.
The 52 scenes on the ceilings of the loggia are still popularly referred as "The Raphael Bible".
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Red Ball Segnatura: Dispute of the Blessed Sacrament
Red Ball Segnatura: The School of Athens
Red Ball Mount Parnassus, The Wall depicting Justice
Red Ball The Stanza of Heliodorus I
Red Ball The Stanza of Heliodorus II
Red Ball The Stanza of the Borgo Fire
Red Ball The Sala of Constantine
Red Ball The Raphael Room in the Vatican Gallery
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 1 through 6
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 7 through 12
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 13 through 18
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 19 through 24
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 25 through 30
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 31 through 36
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 37 through 42
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 43 through 48
Red Ball The Raphael Loggia - Scenes 49 through 52
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Dal 1° aprile al 31 ottobre: 8.45-16.45
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From April 1 to October 31: 8.45-16.45
From November 1 to March 31: 8.45-13.45
Closed all Sundays and holidays, except for the last Sunday of the month when the Musei are open with free admission.
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