Menstrual Activist Materials

"Courageous Cunt" Moonflow Magazine, 2005 Credit: Erica Sodos. Erica Sodos created this supershero and published her in her periodical Moonflow, a modest, small-circulation magazine that published eight issues (or “cycles,” as the masthead stated) before shutting down. Carrying the tagline “dedicated to a woman’s monthly cycle” and printed in black and white, the 4 × 6 magazine numbered thirty-one pages of features and regular segments, such as a Q&A piece titled “Dear Moon Time Mama” and a Flow Tracking Moon Calendar (again, in the interest of promoting body literacy). Moonflow typically concluded with the editor and publisher’s hand-drawn comic strip “Courageous Cunt”—a playful and provocative fantasy of menstrual empowerment.

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