The End of Europe's Middle Ages

Project Team

Preliminary research and writing by Kelly L. Morris and Martha Dunsmore.
Additional research and image collection by Kelly L. Morris.
Final written version by Kelly L. Morris.

Project Supervisor: Egmont Lee

Project Co-ordinator: Sonia Bertolissi

Media Design: Kathleen M.V. Reyes

JavaScript Code: Donald Tetreault


Steering Committee

The authors would like to thank the Steering Committee for its invalubale guidance. We are also grateful to the Department of Geography and the New Media Centre for their assistance in the development of the cartographic materials.

Tom Brown, Department of Humanities, Mount Royal College

Kenneth Delong, Department of Music, The University of Calgary

Shadia Drury, Department of Political Science, The University of Calgary

Ronald Glasberg, Faculty of General Studies, The University of Calgary

Mark Konnert, Department of History, The University of Calgary

James Martens, Classics & History, Red Deer College

Joseph Polzer, Faculty of Fine Arts, The University of Calgary

Janis Svilpis, Department of English, The University of Calgary

John Tobias, Classics & History, Red Deer College

Douglas C. Walker, Department of French, Italian & Spanish, The University of Calgary

Haijo Westra, Department of Greek, Latin and Ancient History, The University of Calgary

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