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  Biology 210 Cell Biology Summer 2013 Lab

Instructor: Dr. Monica Nadler (10-11:30, M-Th, M-2-116)

Laboratory begins May 29th & 30th ( M/W 12:30-3:30)

Students : Purchase copies of the lab manual at Quinn Graphics, located on the Lower Level (LL) of the Quinn Service Building (S/LL/042). (617-287-5020)

Get there before 5pm!

Day & Dates

Lab Schedule

Grade Calculation

Equipment sheet

Lab report guidelines

Moles & Molarity; Best Fit Line

W/Th May 29/30
1. Computer Resources I: Blackboard Vista access, Excel & General Lab Safety

Buy your lab manual at Quinn Graphics (S/LL/042)

M/T June 3/4

2. Introduction to the Spectrophotometer


W/Th June5/6

3. Spectrophotometric Determinaton of Enzyme Activity (Lab Report I)


M/T June 10/11

4. Microscopy I: Brightfield and Phase Contrast Microscopy

W/Th June 12/13

5. Computer Resources II: Using the computer to analzye data, Using the internet and Accessing online databases.

M/T June 17/18

6. SDS-PAGE Analysis of Proteins & Mitochondrial Extraction

Introduction to Computer Interfaced Microscopy

ImageJ : http://rsb.info.nih.gov/ij/
W/Th June 19/20

7. *Assay of Mitochondrial Enzyme Activity (Lab Report II)

M/T June 24/25

8. Protein Purification by Column Chromotography

W/Th June 26/27

9. Microscopy II: Epifluorescence Microscopy, Chromosome Staining and Structure

M/T July 1/2
10. Cell Cycle and Cytoskeleton lab  
W/Th July 3/4

No Labs, Holiday, Independence Day

M/T July 8/9
11. Lab Practical  
W/Th July 10/11

Overflow lab if needed

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