Self-Assessment, at the End

For each of a set of goals specified at the start of a project (e.g., the goals that define the Phases and the Reflective Practitioner Goals), in the Plus-Delta mode of taking stock, describe two things:
  • one that reflects what you have achieved well related to this goal, and
  • one you have struggled with or need more help on or want to work further on.

  • You may have many examples for some items, but, for a self-assessment to inform the planning and conduct of your future projects, one example is enough. To make use of the self-assessment at a later date, it may help if, after you have written something for all the items, you mark each goal according to a scheme such as the following: Share the Self-Assessment and the markups with your advisor(s). If there are big discrepancies between their assessment and your Self-Assessment, you should discuss the discrepancies and try to come to a shared understanding so as, again, to inform the planning and conduct of your future projects.