This is an important exercise. It helps neither you as the student nor the instructor if you find yourself confused in week 10 about where to find instructions. Especially if you haven’t spent time to systematically get acquainted with the course materials and/or haven’t asked questions to help you — and probably others — clarify things.

Q: Why not spend time in class going over the materials? A: It is more effective for each student to do this at their own pace and then spend precious class time on specific, focused questions.

Task 0: Accept the invitation if you haven't already to join the blog. If you haven't seen the invitation, email the instructor the email you prefer to receive course communications.

Complete the tasks below and use the numbers below to respond to or raise questions about the items. Prepare these responses/questions in a file on your computer, then, when done, paste them into a reply to (aka comment on) the blog on the designated post. The replies of other students may help you — or you may help them (in a reply to their comment).
  1. Review the structure of the syllabus, (Print out and organize any materials that you want to have in a hard copy.)
  2. Bookmark key websites as recommended
  3. Read section II of the syllabus: Information to get started, orient yourself at the start of the course, and refer back to from time to time. Any questions?
  4. Get set-up on your computer, with: recommended bookmarks on your browser to the course syllabus, resources, and blog; folders/directories for course work; access to library resources; etc.
  5. Locate and read instructions for the blog. How is the "more" tag used?
  6. What is the difference between the resources webpage and the blog as they are used in this course?
  7. <
  8. What do you do if you find glitches in online materials?
  9. Review Notes on assignments, other expectations, grading system at
  10. How many assignments can you miss and still get an “automatic B+”?
  11. What is the difference between submitting an assignment and getting “OK/RNR”?
  12. Where do you find instructions for any particular assignment?
  13. Print out or make a copy of the master assignment checklist. (This is your personal assignment checklist.)
  14. How do you submit most assignments for this course?
  15. Arrange first office hours conference with the instructor.
  16. What comment from previous students’ course evaluations,, intrigues you?
  17. What process will you use to choose among the supplementary readings each week?
  18. What is a syllabus quiz/treasure hunt question that would be useful to include for the next time the course is taught?
  19. Post your Initial Learning Profile from session 1 to the blog; use category Profile
  20. On each other student’s Learning Profile, post a comment that notes 1 point of intersection with your own interests and/or question you would like to take up with that student. (Return later in the week to complete this for students who post their Profiles after you do.)
  21. What is something related to the course materials that you need clarified?
  22. What is something related to the course materials or process that you want to share with other students?