Incompletes and Completions

Remember: Each student can skip 20% of assignments and participation items as well as ask for extensions--no explanation needed--on two assignments or participation items, moving the due date as far back as the last session. Beyond the 2 extensions, written assignments more than a week late don't count; instead, focus on doing the best you can with the remaining assignments and participation items.

1. Final date on written assignments or participation items for which you have requested an extension = Last session.

2. Final grade will be based on work submitted, revisions completed, and participation items fulfilled by the date for submission of grades.

3. Exceptions to the 1 & 2 require a serious health or family situation AND submission of a proposed completion contract, then reviewed and approved by the instructor by the last session and signed by both parties. For the proposed contract, use your assignment checklist to indicate what you have completed and your proposed contract dates for completion of specific assignments.

4. If you don't have a signed completion contract, the course must be taken again when it is next offered to get you a passing grade or improve your grade if it is lower than you want.