Study Questions for Morowitz’s Rediscovering the Mind


Read carefully this article. Some of the technical details might be challenging, that’s OK – but pay attention to the philosophical issues and consequences.


    1. How does Morowitz define reductionism?
    2. What are Morowitz’s examples for reductionism?
    3. How does Morowitz explain reductionism at the psychological level? At the biological level?
    4. What kind of sequence of explanation does Morowitz mention as the combination of psychological and biological reductionism?
    5. What important aspect does he emphasize about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? What about Quantum Mechanics?
    6. What point did Eugene Wigner make about Quantum Mechanics?
    7. How does he connect the three large fields of human enquiry: psychology, biology, and physics? Who are the three authors Morowitz connect in his interpretation of contemporary science?
    8. What does Morowitz mean by epistemological circularity?
    9. What does Morowitz mean by discontinuity? Why is this concept important for him to explain consciousness? What other examples of discontinuity does he present in the article?
    10. What do you think about the philosophical relevance of Morowitz’s article?



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