4rd quiz

Dennett: Where Am I?; Sanford: Where Was I?

September 30, 2003







  1. What is Dennett’s mission in the story?

To retrieve a fiercely radioactive warhead.


  1. What does Dennett think when he looks at his brain?

Here I am, sitting on a folding chair, staring through a piece of plate glass at my own brain.


  1. What philosophical problem does arise from this thought?

The difficulty of locating the reference of the term “I.”


  1. What does “Yorick” refer to?

Dennett’s brain.


  1. What happened to Dennett during his mission?

His body becomes buried under Tulsa, Oklahoma.


  1. What philosophical “revelation” did occur to him as a result of it?

He found a demonstration for the immateriality of the soul


  1. What is the relationship between Hubert and Yorick?

Hubert is a computer replica of Yorick.


  1. How does Dennett’s story end?

His two brains – real and artificial – drifted apart and got out of synch.


  1. What is Sanford’s mission in the story?

Still to retrieve that fiercely radioactive warhead.


  1. What does Hawley refer to?

The robot directed by Sanford’s brain.





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