1st quiz

Plato: Apology

September 9, 2003






1.      What is one of the charges against Socrates?

He corrupted the youth.


2.     What is the other charge against Socrates?

He committed acts of impiety.


3.     In response to a question from Socrates' student Chaerephon, the oracle of Apollo at Delphi declared that

No one was wiser than Socrates


4.     As a result of his questioning of politicians, poets, and craftsmen, Socrates concluded that

His own wisdom consisted in realizing that he was ignorant


5.     Socrates compares the Athenians to a sluggish horse and himself to a horsefly (gadfly). The point of the comparison is that

The god has placed Socrates in Athens to awaken the Athenians


6.     Socrates states that he has never taken part in politics because

A divine voice told him not to


7.     How did Socrates show by his actions that the risk of death is unimportant to him in his example of the service to the Council and the trial of the ten generals?

He was the only council member who argued against trying the ten generals en bloc.


8.     After the verdict, both the prosecution and the defense proposed punishments. Socrates' proposal was

Free meals at public expense


9.     What is Socrates' punishment



10. In the last of his three speeches, Socrates states that death

Brings either oblivion or continued existence in Hades



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