1) Why Games?

Part 1: Initial Games

2) Achilles versus the Tortoise: the Battle over Modus Ponens

3) Verificationists versus Realists: the Battle over Knowability

4) Exclusive Justification and the Lottery Paradox

5) Tracking versus Justification: the first Nozickian Battle

Part 2: In Circles We Go.

6) Skeptics versus Dogmatics: the Battle over the Criterion

7) Ascending without Circularity: Descartes's Justification of Clear and Distinct Perceptions

Part 3: Philosophers' Dreams.

8) Zombies versus Materialists: a Game on Chalmers

9) The Murderer Returns A Reply on Zombies to Mr. Phillips

10) Descartes's Argument for Dualism

Part 4: Brains and Vats

11) Ordinary and Super-Omniscient Interpreters: A Davidsonian Battle

12) Tracking versus Justification: the Second Nozickian Battle

13) Knowledge for Better and Worse: the Battle with Hetherington

14) Envatted versus Embodied Brains: A Putnamian Battle

15) Beyond Imagination: What the Skeptic cannot Do.

16) Concluding Words and Farewell to the Reader


A) The Formal Structure of Davidson's Omniscient Interpreter Argument

B) Must Modal Logic Forbid Explanations of Necessity? (written with Timothy Chambers).