Curriculum Vitae


Peter Marton





            May, 2001        PhD in Philosophy, Brown University

            1994-2000       Graduate student, Department of Philosophy, Brown University

            1992-1994       Graduate student, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University

1990-1992       Doctoral student, Dept. of Cognitive Psychology, Eötvös Univ., Hungary

June, 1990      M.S. in Physics, Eötvös University, Hungary


Areas of Specialization


            Logic (Symbolic and Philosophical)



Areas of Competence

            Social and Political Philosophy          

History of Modern Philosophy


Philosophy of Mind/Cognitive Science



Dissertation Title

            Skeptical Games (see the abstract of my thesis)


Dissertation Committee

            Ernest Sosa, Advisor

            James Van Cleve

            James Dreier


Awards and Fellowships

1994-1999       Graduate fellowships and teaching assistantships, Brown University

1993-1994       Graduate assistantship, Rutgers Center for Cognitive Sciences

1993-1994       Grant from the Hungarian National Foundation for Research Activities

1992-1993       Graduate fellowship: Hungarian Soros Foundation (at Rutgers University)

1990-1992              Doctoral fellowship: Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Teaching Experience


PHIL100: Introduction to Philosophy


Lecturer at Northeastern University (Boston, MA), 2001-

PHL1100: Introduction to Philosophy

PHL1140: Social and Political Philosophy

PHL 1200: Introduction to Logic

                                    PHL 1215: Symbolic Logic

                                    PHL 1240: 20th Century Philosophy


Instructor at University of Rhode Island, 1999-

                        PHL 101: Logic: The Principles of Reasoning

                        PHL 103: Introduction to Philosophy

                        PHL 217: Social Philosophy


                        Visiting Assistant Professor at Wheaton College (Norton, MA), 2002

                                    PHIL101: Introduction to Philosophy

            PHIL125: Logic


Instructor at Bryant College (North Smithfield, RI), 2000

                        FLAS 151: Freshman Liberal Arts Seminar

                        HUM261:  Introduction to Philosophy


            Instructor at central Connecticut State University, 1999

                        Philosophy 220: Introduction to Logic


                        Teaching Assistant at Brown University, 1995-1997

                        Philosophy 19: Contemporary Moral Issues

                                    Philosophy 163: Deductive Logic


            Lecturer at Eötvös L. University, Budapest, Hungary, 1990-1992

                        Introduction to Phenomenology

                                    Introduction to Biometrics, I-II




*       “Achilles versus the Tortoise: The Battle over Modus Ponens. (An Aristotelian Argument).” Philosophia, 31, forthcoming

*      “The Murderer Returns. A Reply on Zombies to Jamie Phillips,” Southwest Philosophy Review, 16 (2000), 195-200.

*       “Skeptics versus Dogmatics: The Battle over the Criterion,” Dialectica, 53 (1999), 61-71.

*  “Ordinary versus Super Omniscient Interpreters,” Philosophical Quarterly, 49 (1999), 72-7.

*  “Zombies v. Materialists: The Battle over Conceivability,” Southwest Philosophy Review, 14 (1998), 131-138.

*  (with P. Erdi and T. Gröbler) “On the Double Architecture of the Semantic Memory,” Nature, Cogfnition and System II, M. E. Carvallo (ed.), Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1992, 193-203.

*  (with T. Gröbler and P. Erdi) “On the Dynamic Organization of Memory. A Mathematical Model of Associative Free Recall,” Biological Cybernetics, 65 (1991), 73-79.

*  Néhány megjegyzés a vers létéről. Játék Faludy György ürügyén.” [Some Remarksabout the Existence of Poems: A Game on Faludy’s Heine Translation,” – in Hungarian] Jelenkor, 1993

*  A zsibbasztó rája fogságából. Interpretáció Platón Menónjához.[Escaping from the Torpedo Fish. Interpreting Plato’s Meno.” – in Hungarian], Gond 2/1992.

*  (editor with Kövesdi, P.; Szilágyi, M.): “Megfúvom fűzfa lantomat” [An Anthology on Amusingly Bad Poems—in Hungarian], Budapest: Mora, 1990.

*  (with Erdei, H.): "Élet a zsidó gimnáziumban" [On the History of the Jewish Secondary School at Budapest—in Hungarian], História, 1988.




*  “Ascending without Circularity: Descartes’s Justification of the Clear and Distinct Perceptions,” Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology’s Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY, 1999; and Department Colloquium at Central Connecticut State University, 1999

*  “Exclusive Justification and the Lottery Paradox,” Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology’s Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, 1998

*  “What Do Our Counterparts Eat? Beliefs, References and the Skeptic’s Scenarios,”Annual Meeting of APA (Pacific), Los Angeles, CA, 1998

*  “Zombies v. Materialists: The Battle over Conceivability,” Southwestern Philosophical Society’s Annual Meeting: Memphis, TN, 1997

*  “Skeptics versus Dogmatics: The Battle over the Criterion,” Emory University Graduate Conference, 1997

*  “Achilles and the Tortoise on Modus Ponens: The End of The Story,” Syracuse University Graduate Conference, 1997



erdos number: 4 (on the Rényi, Szentágothai, Érdi branch)



Graduate Courses


                        Mathematical Logic (Vann McGee, Rutgers)

            Advanced Topics in Logic (Vann McGee, Rutgers)



                        Seminar in Epistemology (Ernest Sosa, Brown)

                        The Philosophy of Roderick Chisholm (Ernest Sosa and Jaegwon Kim, Brown)

                        Perception and Reality (Bill Brewer, Brown)


Philosophy of Mind/Metaphysics

                        Consciousness (Jaegwon Kim, Brown)

                        Quine and Davidson (Gary Gates, Brown)

                        Seminar in Metaphysics (Brian McLaughlin, Rutgers)

                        Theories of Reference (Felicia Ackerman, Brown)

                        Truth (Barry Loewer, Rutgers)

                        Philosophy of Physics (Tim Maudlin, Rutgers)


History of Philosophy

                        Advanced Topics in Plato (Sarah Broadie, Rutgers)

                        Aristotle’s Philosophy of Mind (Martha Nussbaum, Brown)

                        Descartes’s World-Picture (Justin Broackes, Brown)

17th Century Philosophy: Leibniz (Martha Bolton, Rutgers)

Problems in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (James van Cleve, Brown)


Ethics, Political Philosophy

                        Morality, Rationality, Justice (Dan Brock, Brown)

                        Legitimacy and Obligation (David Estlund, Brown)




            Donald J. Zeyl, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of Department, University of Rhode Island

(Kingston, RI 02881, (401) 874-2207)

            Stephen Nathanson, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of Department, Northeastern University

(360 Huntington Avenue, Boston MA, 02115, (617) 373-3636)

            Michael Lipton, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Northeastern University

(360 Huntington Avenue, Boston MA, 02115, (617) 373-3636)

            Ernest Sosa, Romeo Elton Professor of Natural Theology and Professor of Philosophy, Brown University

(PO Box 1918, Providence, RI, 02912, (401) 863-3214)




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