Philosophy of Mathematics:


A study of mathematical truth and related questions of ontology and epistemology.


We will begin with the foundations crisis in the early part of the twentieth century, study GodelŐs Incompleteness theorems and their implications, and move on to contemporary work in this area.

Studies will read papers on and discuss the topics listed below and then write a paper of 10 to 20 pages with a specific focus on a related topic.




Set theory and the infinite


Foundations Crisis











Existence of Mathematical Objects


The nature of mathematical truth





1)    Philosophies of Mathematics by ALEXANDER GEORGE and  DANIEL VELLEMAN (Blackwell 2001)

2)     What is Mathematics, Really? by Reuben Hersh, Oxford University Press, 1997.

and  selections from

         3) Philosophy of Mathematics: An Anthology, edited by Dale Jacquette (Blackwell 2002)

         4 ) Philosophy of Mathematics: Selected Readings, edited by Paul Benacerraf & Hilary Putnam, 2nd edition 1983 (reprinted 1997)