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JENNIFER H. RADDEN: Curriculum Vitae


Australian, permanent resident of the US.



Philosophy of Psychology and Psychiatry, Metaphysics, Philosophical Foundations of Public Policy, Moral Philosophy.



Madness and Reason (174pp.) Studies in Applied Philosophy series. Allen & Unwin, London 1985.

Divided Minds and Successive Selves : Ethical Issues in Disorders of Identity and Personality (311pp.)MIT Press, Cambridge Mass. 1996.

(as editor) The Nature of Melancholy: Readings on Melancholy, Melancholia and Depression from Aristotle to Kristeva, with an introduction by the editor. (375 pages )New York: Oxford University Press 2000.

(as editor) The Philosophy of Psychiatry: A Companion with an introduction by the editor(447 pages) New York: Oxford University Press 2004.

Papers (selected)

Diseases as Excuses :Durham and the Insanity Defense, in Philosophical Studies, Winter 1982 :349-362.

Defining Self-deception Dialogue XXIII, 1984, 349-362

Melancholy and Melancholia, in Pathologies of the Modern Self : Post Modern Studies in Narcissism, Schizophrenia and Depression edited by David Levin. New York University Press. New York and London, 1987 : 231-250.

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Just Deserts and Social Goals in Affirmative Action and Punishment, in Against Patriarchal Thinking : Proceedings of the VIth Symposium of the International Association of Women Philosophers. VU University Press, Amsterdam, 1992 :289-292.

Planning for Mental Disorder : Buchanan and Brock on Advance Directives in Psychiatry, in The Journal of Social Theory and Practice, Vol.18, No. 2, Summer 1992: 165-186.

Second Thoughts : Revoking Decisions Over One’s Own Future Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Vol LIV, No 4. (December 1994) 787-801.

Recent Criticisms of Psychiatric Nosology : A Review Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology Vol 1, No.3 (September 1994) 193-200.

Shame and Blame : The Self Through Time and Change. Dialogue XXXIV (1995) 61-74.

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The Philosophy of Mind and Psychiatry. Current Opinion in Psychiatry 1999 Vol 12: 589-592.

Love and Loss in Freud’s “Mourning and Melancholia”: a Rereading. In The Analytic Freud edited by Michael Levin. Routledge, 2000.

Commentary on Braude’s “Dissociation and Latent Abilities: The Strange Case of Patience Worth” Journal of Trauma & Dissociation Vol 1.No.2 2000.

Boundary Violation Ethics: Some Conceptual Clarifications. (27 pages) Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law Vol.29. Number 3, 2001: 319-326.

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Notes Towards a Professional Ethics for Psychiatry Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 2002 Vol 36. No 2.

From the Guest Editors (Radden and Fulford) Bioethics Vol 16, No.5 Sept 2002 iii-viii.

Background Briefing on Psychiatric Ethics Bioethics Vol 16, No.5 Sept 2002:397-411

Personal Identity (13 pages) Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. (online)

Forced Medication, Patients’ Rights and Values Conflicts. Psychiatry, Psychology, and Law.Vol 10, No.1 (2003) 1-11.

Is this Dame Melancholy ? Equating Depression and Melancholia. Psychiatry, Philosophy & Psychology. Vol 10, No.1 (March 2003): 37-52.

The Pragmatics of Psychiatry and the Psychiatry of Cross Cultural Suffering. Psychiatry, Philosophy & Psychology Vol 10, No.1 (March 2003): 64-66.

The Nature and Scope of Psychiatric Ethics. South African Psychiatry Review 2004 7(1).

Learning from Disunity. Commentary on Special Issue: Agency, Narrative and Self. Philosophy, Psychiatr y & Psychology Vol 10. No 4. (December 2003):357- 359.

Letter to the Editor, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 2004.

Reply to Andrew Crowden Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry Volume 38, Number 3 ( March) 2004: 115-18.

Melancholia in the Writing of a Sixteenth Century Spanish Nun. Harvard Review of Psychiatry Volume 12, No.5 (September/October) 2004: 293-297.

‘Dementia and Personal Identity’ (co-authored with J.M.Fordyce) in Dementia: Mind, Meaning and the Personedited by Julian C. Hughes, Stephen J. Louw and Steven R. Sabat. Oxford University Press, 2005.

‘Melancholy, Mood and Landscape’ in Grey Hope: The Persistence of Melancholy edited by Sigrid Sandstrom. Atopia Projects. 2006.

Recent Book Reviews

Psychiatric Ethics edited by Bloch, Chodoff and Green (Oxford University Press, 1999) in Bioethics (7pp.)

Gender and Its Effects on Psychopathology edited by Ellen Frank (American Psychiatric Press 2000) online at Metapsychology(hhtp://www.mentalhelp.net/books/), (2pp.)

Of 2 Minds: The Growing Disorder in American Psychiatry by T.M. Luhrmann (Knopf 2000).(7 pp) AAPP Bulletin 2001 Volume 8, No.1.

Voices of Madness: Four Pamphlets, 1683-1796. edited by Allan Ingram. Sutton Publishing. 1997. 149pp. online at Metapsychology (hhtp://www.mentalhelp.net/books/) (3 pp.)

Robert Burton The Anatomy of Melancholy 2001: online at Metapsychology (hhtp://www.mentalhelp.net/books/)

Craig DeLancey Passionate Engines: What Emotions Reveal About Mind and Artficial Intelligence. (Oxford University Press 2002.) Forced Medication, Patients’ Rights and Values Conflicts. Philosophy & Emotion Vol 4:1 (2003)

Peter Kramer’Against Depression (Viking 2005), online at Metapsychology (www.mentalhelp.net/books/)

David Healy Let Them Eat Prozac: The Unhealthy Relationship between the Pharmaceutical Industry and Depression. (New York University Press 2004) Social History of Medicine Vol 18, No.3:510-11. (2 pp)

In press and under agreement:

‘Defining Persecutory Paranoia,’ Delusions edited by Man Chung. Oxford University Press 2005.

‘Virtue Ethics as Professional Ethics: the Case of Psychiatry’ in Working Virtue edited by R.Walker and P.J.Ivanhoe. Oxford University Press 2004.

‘Judicial Uses for Forced Psychotropic Medication’ (co-authored with A. Freedman, MD). International Journal of Mental Health.

Introduction to Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy published by Barnes &Noble Publishing, Inc.


‘Melancholy and Melancholia.’ Society for Women in Philosophy, American Philosophical Association, 1984

‘The Dangerous Mentally Ill Offender.’ Bentley College Philosophy and Public Policy Lecture Series, 1988

‘Just Deserts and Social Goals in Affirmative Action and Punishment.’ International Association of Women Philosophers VIth Symposium, April 1992

‘Hume and the Unity of the Self.’ Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry, American Psychiatric Association, May 1992

‘Am I My Alter’s Keeper ?’ American Psychological Association, August 1993

‘ The Emerging Self : Divided, Unified, or Integrated; Philosophical and Societal Aspects’,and ‘Ethical Issues and Personal Responsibility,’ Ninth Regional Conference on Trauma, Dissociation and Multiple Personality, March 1994

‘Kantian Genealogy of the DSMs.’ Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry, American Psychiatric Association, May 1994

‘Consciousness : Clinical and Non-clinical Perspectives.’ American Philosophical Association, Mid-Western Division, April1995

‘The Relational Self as a Desideratum of Therapeutic Endeavor.’ Philosphy Department Speaker series, La Trobe University, Australia. June 1995.

‘Philosophy as Psychiatry’s Handmaiden : Some Methodological Traps.’ Department of Philosophy, Warwick University, England. November, 1995.

‘Philosophical Implications of Valorizing the Relational Self in Therapy,’ panelist, American Philosophical Association, Eastern Division, December, 1995.

‘Mental Health Norms Undergirding Delusional Disorder Persecutory Type.’ First International Conference on Philosophy and Mental Health, Benalmadena, Spain. February, 1996.

‘Paranoid Mistrust and Proper Trust,’ Philosophy Department Colloquim Series, La Trobe University, Australia, August 1996.

‘Paranoid Mistrust and Proper Trust,’ Second Nordic Network of Philosophy and Psychiatry Conference, Linkoping University, Sweden, October 1996.

‘Why Is Depressive Subjectivity Feminine?’Center for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon conference on enGendering Rationalities, Oregon, April 1997.

‘Is Free Will Worth Worrying About?’ The Brain and Self Symposium, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, August 1997.

‘Models of Self’ The Brain and Self Workshop: Towards a Science of Consciousness, Elsinore, Denmark, August 1997.

‘Some Implications of an Embrace: the DSMs, Happiness and Capability’ Annual Meeting of the Nordic Network for Philosophy, Medicine and Mental Health, Copenhagen, October, 1997.

‘Why Is Depressive Subjectivity Feminine?’ Distinguished Lecture Series at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, November, 1997.

‘Some Implications of an Embrace: the DSMs, Happiness and Capability.’ Conference on Values in Psychiatric Nosology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, December 1997.

‘Responsibility for Future Selves: Honoring Psychiatric Advance Care Directives Through Extreme Personality Change’ McLean Hospital Academic Grand Rounds, January 1998.

‘Delusions: Epistemological, Phenomenological and Classificatory Issues’ panelist at the World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, August 1998.

‘Successive Selves: Ethical and Metaphysical Issues’ The Midwest Philosophy Colloqium, Morris, Minnesota, October 1998.

‘Multiple Personality Disorder as an Exculpating Factor in the Criminal Law.’ The Midwest Philosophy Colloqium, Morris, Minnesota, October 1998.

‘Melancholy, Melancholia and Depression: Some Contemporary Reflections’ The Richardson History of Psychiatry Research Seminar, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. December 1998.

‘Melancholy, Melancholia and Depression: Some Contemporary Reflections’ Tufts University Lecture Series, April 1999.

‘Punitive Therapy and the Doctrine of Double Effect’ XXIVth International Congress on Law and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada, June 1999.

‘The Conceptual Basis of Psychiatric Ethics,’ discussant. Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Department, September 1999.

‘The Uniqueness of an Ethics for Psychiatry’ Public Lecture, Monash University Center for Human Bioethics, October 1999.

‘Boundary Violation Ethics’ Philosophy Department, Monash University, October 1999.

‘Melancholy, Melancholia and Depression: some Contemporary Reflections.’ Alice Barber Memorial Lecture Sponsored by the University of Melbourne Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology, October 1999.

‘Melancholic States: Two Sixteenth Century Epistemologies’ International Conference on Philosophy and Mental Health, Florence (Italy), August 2000.

‘Aligning Melancholia and Depression - Ontological Commitments’ International Conference on Philosophy and Mental Health, Florence (Italy), August 2000.

‘The Nature of Melancholy’ Philosophy Department, University of Louisville, Kentucky, October 2000.

‘Melancholia and Melancholy Nuns in Teresa of Avila’s Writing: A Talk on the History of Our Understanding of Melancholy and Depression.’ Dowling College, New York, April 2001.

‘Persecutory Paranoid Delusion: A Philosophical Evaluation of Subjectivity and Propositional Content’ Boston University Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science: Between Philosophy and Psychiatry. February, 2002.

‘Medieval and Renaissance Melancholy’ Program in the History of Ideas, Brandeis University, February, 2002.

‘Aligning Melancholia and Depression - Ontological Commitments. ’Symposium on Dimensions of Melancholia. American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, May 2002.

‘Aligning Melancholia and Depression - Some Methodological Issues.’ Symposium on the Philosophy of Psychiatry. American Psychological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, August 2002.

‘Choosing to Refuse: Patients’ Rights and Psychotropic Medication’ The 2002 R.G. Myers Lecture for The Australian and New Zealand Association of Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, Melbourne, Australia, December 2002.

‘Melancholia: History of a Concept’ Cambridge City Hospital Grand Rounds. January 2003.

‘Reply to Jonathan Glover,’ Tanner Lecture series, February 2003, Princeton University.

‘Personal Identity and Bipolar Disorder’ paper presented at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, May 2003, San Fancisco.

‘Bipolar Disorder and Parfitian Metaphysics’ paper presented at the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, May 2003, San Fancisco.

‘Chemical Sanity and Criminal Justice’ paper presented with Dr Alfred Freedman at the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry Annual Meeting, May 2003, San Fancisco.

‘Treatment Refusals’ Academic Grand Rounds, McLean Hospital, Belmont, MA. September 2003.

‘Two Sixteenth Century Accounts of Melancholia’ Philosophy Department, Vassar College, March 2004.

‘Ethical Roles, Identity and Bureaucratic Healthcare” in “Institutional Ethics in Psychiatry: A Multi-disciplinary Perspective.” American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting Symposium. May 2004.

‘Personal Identity, Characterization Identity and Mental Disorder’ Keynote Address at the Cal Poly Institute for Ethics and Public Policy Spring Conference, Pomona, California May 2004.

‘Cultural Norms and Borderline Identities’ in Symposium on Border Crossings: Theorizing Borderline Personality Disorder. 7th International Conference on Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, September 2004, Heidelberg, Germany
‘The Virtuous Psychiatrist,’ Massachusetts Mental Health Center Law and Psychiatry Program, February 2005.

‘The Virtuous Mental Health Professional,’ St Vincent’s Mental Health Service & the Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne, March 2005, Melbourne, Australia.

‘Technology and Virtues,’ Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry Annual Conference, May 2005, Atlanta, Georgia.

‘Universal Suffering and Disease Concepts’ Conference on Diseases, Leeds University, UK, June 2005.

‘Myself and My Symptoms: Identity Assumptions in Psychiatric ‘Recovery’ Narratives” 8th International Conference on Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology, Yale University, New Haven, October 16-18, 2005.

‘Technology and Virtues’ American Philosophical Association, New York, December 2005.

‘The Virtuous Psychiatrist’ New Zealand Bioethics Conference, University of Otago, February 2006.





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