Spinoza's Delayed Influence


Lessing: "There is no other philosophy than the philosophy of Spinoza."


Jacobi: Admirer and Critic of Spinoza


Mendelssohn: The Ambivalent Spinozist


Goethe: Spinoza and Nature Mysticism


Schiller: "All perfections in the universe are united in God. God and Nature are two quantities which are exactly equal to each other."


Herder: "The conception of God with Spinoza has become so present, so immediate, so intimate, that I should regard him rather as an enthusiast for the existence of God than as a doubter or denier."


Schleiermacher: "The Eternal was his beginning and end, the Universe his one and everlasting love."


Novalis: Spinoza as the Man Drunken with God


Schelling: Spinoza and Absolute Idealism


Heine: "There is a certain breath in the writings of Spinoza which is inexplicable."


Emerson: Spinoza and Transcendentalism

Nietzsche's Spinoza: Beyond Good and Evil


The First Line of this Poem by Einstein titled "On Spinoza's Ethics" Reads

Wie lieb ich diesen edlen Mann, mehr als ich mit Worten sagen kann.
How much do I love that noble man, more than I could say with words.


Einstein on Spinoza's God


Singer: The Spinoza of Market Street