Detail, The birth of Venus, c 1484, Tempera on wood.  Ufizzi Gallery Florence

Detail, Primavera, c 1482, Grease tempera on wood.  Ufizzi Gallery Florence

Calumny, 1495, Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence

This work was commissioned by the banker Antoinio Segni and is said to be inspired by a work of Apelles, the mythical painter of antiquity. Apelles was to have painted his work to refute the claumny spoken against him to King Ptolemy Filelfo by a rival.

The vicim of the calumny is dragged before King Midas. Suspicion and Ignorance stand on either side of him, whispering in his ears and attempting to persuade him. Truth is the naked figure on the left and next to her is Repentance.