The Pythagorean Symbols or Maxims

1. Go Not Beyond The Balance.

2.  Sit Not Down On The Bushel.

3.  Tear Not To Pieces The Crown.

4.  Eat Not The Heart.

5.  Do Not Poke The Fire With A Sword.

6.  Having Arrived At The Frontiers, Turn Not Back.

7.  Go Not By The Popular Route.

8.  Suffer No Swallows Around Thy House.

9.  Wear Not The Image Of Deity On Thy Ring.

10.  Do Not Unload People, But Load Them Up.

11.  Do Not Easily Shake Hands With Anyone.

12.  Leave Not The Least Imprint Of The Pot On The Ashes.

13.  Sow Mallows, But Never Eat Them.

14.  Wipe Not Out The Place Of The Torch.

15.  Wear Not A Tight Ring.

16.  Feed Not The Animals With Crooked Claws.

17.  Abstain From Voting With Beans.

18.  Eat Not Fish Whose Tails Are Black.

19.  Never Eat The Gurnard Fish.

20.  Eat Not The Womb Of Animals.

21.  Abstain From Flesh Of Animals That Die Of Themselves.

22.  Abstain From Eating Animals.

23.  Always Place Salt On The Table.

24.  Never Parcel Off The Loaf.

25.  Do Not Spill Oil On The Seat.

26.  Put No Food In A Foul Vessel.

27.  Feed The Cock, But Sacrifice It Not, For It Is Sacred To The Sun And The Moon.

28.  Break Not The Teeth.

29.  Keep Far From Thyself The Vinegar Cruet.

30.  Spit Upon The Clippings Of Thy Nails, And On The Trimmings Of Thy Hair. 

31.  Do Not Urinate Against The Sun.

32.  Speak Not In The Face Of The Sun.

33.  Do Not Sleep At Noon.

34.  Make The Bed As Soon As Ye Arise, Leaving No Imprint Of Thy Body.

35.  Never Sing Without Harp Accompaniment.

36.  Always Keep Thy Things Packed Up.

37.  Quit Not Thy Post Without Thy Overseer’s Order.

38.  Cut Not Wood On A Public Road.

39.  Roast Not What Is Boiled.

40.  Avoid The Two-Edged Sword.

41.  Pick Not Up What Has Fallen From The Table.

42.  Abstain Even From The Cypress Chest.

43.  To The Celestial Gods Offer An Odd Number Of Oblations, But To The Infernal An Even.

44.  Offer Not To The Deities The Wine Of An Unpruned Vine.

45.  Never Sacrifice Without Cakes.

46.  Adore The Deities, And Sacrifice Bare Foot.

47.  Turn Around When Ye Worship.

48.  Sit Down When Ye Worship.

49.  Pare Not Thy Nails During The Sacrifice.

50.  When It Thunders, Touch The Ground.

51.  Do Not Primp By Torch Light.

52.  One, Two.

53.  Honor Symbols Of Dignity, The Throne, And The Ternary.

54.  When The Wind Blows, Adore Echo.

55.  Eat Not In The Chariot.

56.  Put On Thy Right Shoe First, And Wash The Left Foot First.

57.  Eat Not The Brain.

58.  Plant Not The Palm Tree.

59.  Make Thy Libations To The Deities By The Ear.

60.  Never Catch The Cuttle Fish.

61.  Hesitate Not At The Threshold.

62.  Give Way To A Flock That Goes By.

63.  Avoid The Weasel.

64.  Refuse The Weapons A Woman Offers Thee.

65.  Kill Not The Serpent Who Chances To Fall Within Thy Walls.

66.  It Is A Crime To Throw Stones Into Fountains.

67.  Feed Not Thyself With Thy Left Hand.

68.  It Is A Horrible Crime To Wipe Off The Seat With Iron.

69.  Stick Not Iron Into Footsteps.

70.  Sleep Not On A Grave.

71.  Lay Not The Whole Log On The Fire.

72.  Leap Not From A Vehicle With Thy Feet Close Together.

73.  Threaten Not The Stars.

74.  Place Not The Candle Against The Wall.

75.  Write Not In The Snow.