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World Civilizations from 1500
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Unit One
Tradition, Modernity, and Culture


On-Line Text: "What is Culture?," by Richard Law, Eric Miraglia
World Civilizations Glossary: "world view," "culture," "tradition," "modernity

Bridge Assignment A

Your Culture, My Culture

Week Two
Brave New Worlds: What is Reformation?


On-Line Text: "Brave New Worlds: Discovery and Reformation"

Text File:  Discovery and Reformation

On-Line Reader: Martin Luther, "The Freedom of a Christian"

Text File:  Discovery and Reformation Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "legitimation of authority," "crisis of legitimation," "indulgences, "voluntary associations"" 

Monsters at the Edge of the World: Skepticism and Fragmentation


On-Line Reader: Milton, Paradise Lost , Book 5: "Satan's Argument"; Descartes, Discourse on Method , part 2 and 4; Pascal, Pensees 198, 199

Text File:  Skepticism and Fragmentation Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "philosophy," "epistemology," "skepticism

Bridge Assignment B

Defining Concepts Visually: Velazquez and the Seventeenth Century

Unit Three
What is Enlightenment?


On-Line Text: "The European Enlightenment"

Text File:  Enlightenment

On-Line Reader: Rousseau, Discourse on Inequality , Book 2

Text File:  Enlightenment Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "classical mechanics," "empiricism," "legitimation of authority," "social contract," "right

What is Capitalism?: The Invention of Economics, or "How Many Workers Can Dance on the Head of a Pin?"


On-Line Text: "The Industrial Revolution," chapter in "Enlightenment Europe"

Text File: Capitalism

On-Line Reader: Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations , Book I, Chapter 1

Text File:  Capitalism Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "capitalism," "economics

Bridge Assignment C

Imagining Individualism

Unit Four
The Idea of Revolution and Enlightened Women


On-Line Text: "Revolution and After"

Text File:  Revolution

On-Line Reader: Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence ; Declaration of Sentiments (Optional: Young Lady's Own Book

Text File:  Revolution Reader

Bridge Assignment D

Revolutions Then and Now

Unit Five
The Idea of America, The Idea of Democracy


On-Line Text: "The Idea of America"

Text File:  America

On-Line Reader: "Plato," "The Character of Democracy"; Calvin, On Civil Government , (optional: paragraphs 1-3), paragraphs 8-9; Tocqueville, from Democracy in America, Book II. 2, 4, 8; Edgar Allan Poe, "The Man of the Crowd

Text File:  America Reader

Cultures in Conflict: Three Views of the Conquest of America


On-Line Reader: Andrew Jackson, "Second Annual Message," George Catlin, "The Story of Wijunjon," Memorial and Protest of the Cherokee Nation"

Text File:  Conquest of America Reader

Integrative Essay One

Cultures Meet in the Americas: An Integrative Essay

Unit Six
The Ottomans


On-Line Text: "The Ottomans

Text File:  Ottomans

On-Line Reader:  "Eulogy of Istanbul,"  from Counsels of Nabi Effendi 

Text File:  Ottomans Reader  

The Experience of Shi'a and Islamic Republicanism


On-Line Text: "Shi'a"

Text File:  Shi'a

World Civilizations Glossary: "imam," "velayhat i-faqih

Unit Seven
The Culture and Legacy of the Mughals


On-Line Text: "The Culture and Legacy of the Mughals"

Text File:  Mughals

On-Line Text: "What is Architecture?

World Civilizations Gallery: Fatehpur Sikri

World Civilizations Glossary: "wahdat al-wujud

Bridge Assignment E

Applying the Qur'an

Unit Eight
The Emergence of Modern Chinese Society


On-Line Text: "Ming China," "Ch'ing China"

Text File:  China

On-Line Reader: "Neo-Confucianism," The Dream of the Red Chamber (abstract)

Text Reader:  China Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "The Han Synthesis," "wu-hsing

Unit Nine
Chinese Democracy, Chinese Communism


On-Line Text: "Modern China"

Text File:  Modern China

Bridge Assignment F

Confucius and Communism

Unit Ten
Frozen Features in a Floating World: Ukiyo, Kabuki, and Ran 


On-Line Text: "Tokugawa Japan," "Kabuki

Text File:  Japan

Tokugawa Enlightenment: Inventing Japanese Culture and After


On-Line Text: "Tokugawa Neo-Confucianism ," "Kokugaku," "Motoori Norinaga"

Text File:  Japanese Culture

World Civilizations Glossary: "aware," "mono no aware," "philosophy

Unit Eleven
Cultures in Collision: Modern Japan


On-Line Text: "Modern Japan

Text File:  Modern Japan

Articles: Emperor Akihito, Early Cultivators of Science in Japan, Kamakura Isao, Table Manners Then and Now.

Bridge Assignment G

Tokugawa and Beyond

Unit Twelve
Colonies and Statehood in Latin America


On-Line Text: "Latin America"

Book Review Assignment

Book Review

Unit Thirteen
Two Perspectives: The Slave Trade


On-Line Text: "The African Diaspora

Text File:  African Diaspora

On-Line Reader: Olaudah Equiano, Selections from The Life of Gustavus Vassa , William Henry Holcombe, Selections from The Alternative 

Text File:  Africa Diaspora Reader

Unit Fourteen
Modern Africa


On-Line Text: " Modern Africa

Text File:  Modern Africa

Articles: Heart of Darkness , Leopold's Congo: A Holocaust We Have Yet to Comprehend , We are at War, Nelson Mandela's Inaugural Address

Bridge Assignment H

Imperialism and Resistance

Unit Fifteen
World Cultures in Crisis: War, Abstraction, Fascism, Postcolonialism


On-Line Text:World Cultures in Crisis:

Text File:  Crisis

World Civilizations Glossary: abstraction, atonalism, postcolonialism,relativity 

Integrative Essay Two

The Global Economic Village

World Cultures

World Civilizations Home Page

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