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General Education 110x
World Civilizations to 1500
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Week One
What is Culture?


On-line Text: "What is Culture?," by Richard Law, Eric Miraglia
The Long Foreground: Human Prehistory," by Richard Law

World Civilizations Glossary: "world view," "culture," "tradition," "modernity"

Written Assignment A
Is the Super Bowl Culture?

Week Two
The Farthest Recesses of the Human Past


On-line Text: " The Agricultural Revolution," by Richard Law

Written Assignment B
Human Prehistory and the Agricultural Revolution

Week Three
An Early Map of the Human Landscape: Sumerians, Assyrians and Gilgamesh


On-Line Text: "Mesopotamia"

Text File: Mesopotamia

On-Line Reader: Gilgamesh summary, Code of Hammurabi

Text File: Mesopotamia Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: " Cuneiform," "Law"

At Home in the Universe: The Egyptian World View


On-Line Text: "Ancient Egypt"

Text File: Ancient Egypt

On-Line Reader: The Book of the Dead, chapter 125

Text File: Egypt Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "Ma'at, "Hieroglyphics"

Written Assignment C

The Egyptian Underworld

Week Four
Seeing the World through Hebrew Eyes: Genesis


On-Line Text: "The Hebrews"

Text File: The Hebrews

On-Line Reader: Genesis: The Creation, The Flood, The Tower of Babel, Abraham and Isaac, Exodus (The Decalogue), and Judges Gideon

Text File: Hebrew Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "Torah," "covenant,"

Written Assignment D

Yahweh and His People

Week Five
Bureaucrats and Barbarians: Mycaeneans, Minoans, and Homeric Greece


On-Line Text: "Bureaucrats and Barbarians: Minos and Mycenae"

Text File: Minoans and Mycaeneans

On-Line Reader: "Homer," "Polyphemos"

Text File: Minoan and Mycaenean Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: " areté, "

Athenian Chauvinism and the Idea of Democracy


On-Line Text: " Ancient Greece"

Text File: Ancient Greece

On-Line Reader: Thucydides, " Pericles's Funeral Oration," The Melian Controversy," Plato, " Democracy and Democratic Man"

Text File: Greece Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: " Democracy," "Aristocracy," " polis"

Written Assignment E
Democracy Debate

Week Six
The One and the Many: Presocratic Thought and Science and Socrates


On-Line Text: Read the Greek Philosophy chapters in the learning module, " Ancient Greece"

On-Line Reader: " Pre-Socratics" (first chapter in "Greek Philosophy" on the Internet); The Apology of Socrates

Text File: Greek Philosophy Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: " "The One and the Many,"

Plato and Aristotle

Optional Readings

On-Line Reader: Plato, " The Divided Line," "The Allegory of the Cave," Aristotle, "The Four Causes," "The Doctrine of the Mean"

Text File: Optional Readings

Aesthetes and Ascetics in Hellenistic Greece

On-Line Text: " Hellenistic Greece"

Text File: Hellenistic Greece

On-Line Reader: " Hellenistic Philosophies"

Text File: Hellenistic Greece Reader

Written Assignment F
Hellenism and Judaism

Week Six


On-Line Text: " Rome"

Text File: Rome

On-Line Reader: Epictetus, selections; Cicero, "The Dream of Scipio"

Text File: Rome Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: Officium, Pietas, Virtus

A New Atlas of the Universe: Early Christianity


On-Line Text: " Early Christianity"

Text File: Early Christianity

World Civilizations Glossary: "Typology," "regio dissimilitudinis,"

Written Assignment G
Internet discussion, "From Rome to Christianity"

Week Seven
The Dream: Hinduism and Empire


On-Line Text: " Ancient India"

Text File: Ancient India

World Civilizations Glossary: "Atman," "atmansiddhi," "Brahmin," "Brahman," "dharma," "karma"

Ways of Seeing: The Baghavad Gita


On-Line Text: The Bhagavad Gita

Text File: The Baghavad Gita

Written Assignment H
The Bhagavad Gita and Hindu Ethics

Neither Strung too Tight nor too Loose: Buddhism


On-Line Text: "Buddhism"

Text File: Buddhism

On-Line Reader: selections from The Dhammapadha

Text File: Buddhism Reader

Week Eight
Sages and Kings: From the Beginnings in Ancient China


On-Line Text: " Ancient China"

Text File: Ancient China

World Civilizations Glossary: "T'ien," "T'ien ming," "Tao"

The One Hundred Schools: Confucius, Taoism, Moism, Legalism


On-Line Text: "Chinese Philosophy"

Text File: Chinese Philosophy

On-Line Reader: Selections from The Analects , selections from Lao Tzu

Text File: Chinese Philosophy Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "jen," "Tao"

Ways of Seeing: Chinese Physics and Neo-Confucianism


On-Line Text: The Chinese Empire

Text File: The Chinese Empire

On-Line Reader: "Neo-Confucianism,"

Text File: Chinese Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "wu hsing"

Written Assignment I

Confucianism and Chinese democracy

Week Ten
The Center of Creation: Seeing the World through Shinto and Early Japanese Culture


On-Line Text: "Ancient Japan," "Feudal Japan"

Text File: Ancient Japan,
Text File: Feudal Japan

On-Line Reader: selections from the Nihongi

World Civilizations Glossary: "kokugaku," "aware," "miyabi"

Buddhism: The Japanese Version


On-Line Text: Japanese Buddhism

Text File: Japanese Buddhism

Written Assignment J
Zen and the Japanese Rock Garden

Week Eleven
Islam as Belief: The Qu'ran


On-Line Text: " Islam"

Text File: Islam

On-Line Text: "What is Science?"

On-Line Reader: Selections from The Qur'an

Text File: Islam Reader

World Civilizations Glossary: "tawhid," "dhikr," "iman," "The Five Pillars"

Islam as Culture: Language, Art, Architecture, Script


On-Line Text: "Islam," "Shi'a Islam"

Text File: Shi'a Islam

World Civilizations Glossary: " wahdat al-wujud"

Written Assignment K
Ethics in an Islamic Context

Week Twleve
Civilizations and Traditional Culture in Africa


On-Line Text: "Civilizations in Africa"

Text File: Africa

On-Line Reader: selections from "African Proverbs," " Leo Africanus, 'Description of Timbuktu'," "Richard Eden 'Decades of the New World'"

Text File: African Reader

African Gallery
"Gallery 1," "Gallery 2"

Written Assignment L
The Diversity of African Civilizations

Week Thirteen
Ways of Seeing: The Medieval World View and Some Tensions


On-Line Text: "The Middle Ages"

Text File: Middle Ages

World Civilizations Reader: Boccaccio, "The Death," from the Decameron

Text File: Middle Ages Reader

Written Assignment M
Multiculturalism medieval style

Week Fourteen
Remapping the Human Landscape: Boccaccio, Pico, and the Italian Renaissance


On-Line Text: "The Italian Renaissance"

Text File: Italian Renaissance

On-Line Reader: Pico della Mirandola, "Oration on the Dignity of Man," Leonardo da Vinci, "The Painter," "Linear Perspective"

Text File: Italian Reader

Written Assignment N
From Renaissance to world culture

Week Fifteen
The World in a Sand Painting: The Universe of the Native American


On-Line Reader: Iroquois Creation

Text File: Iroquios Creation

On-Line Text: " "Native American Languages," "Beginnings," "The Land." "Social Life," "Languages"

Text File: Native American Reader

Written Assignment O
Native American Cultures: Then and Now

Civilizations in the New World


On-Line Text: " Civilizations in America"

Text File: Civilizations in America

World Cultures

World Civilizations Home Page

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