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LII. ALLOCEN, 2 a strong duke, appears in the form of a soldier, mounted on a great horse, his face like that of a lion, exceedingly red, his eyes flaming fire, his speech hoarse and loud. He teaches astronomy and the liberal sciences, and gives a good familiar.

LIII. CAIM, a great president, appears in the form of a thrush, 3 but afterwards in that of a man bearing a sharp sword and seeming--as it is said fantastically--to answer in burning ashes. He is a keen disputant; he imparts to men the understanding of birds' songs, the lowing of cattle, the barking of dogs and the voice of waters. He gives true answers concerning things to come and was once of the Order of Angels.

LIV. MURMUR, a great duke and earl, appears in the form of a soldier, riding on a griffin and having a duke's crown on

p. 213

his head. He is preceded by two ministers sounding trumpets. He teaches philosophy perfectly; he constrains the souls of the dead to appear and to answer questions. He was partly of the Order of Thrones and partly of Angels.

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LV. OROBAS, a great prince, appears first like a horse but, when commanded, in human form. He discovers past, present and future; he gives good dignities and advancements, with the favour of friends and foes; he will reply concerning the creation of the world and Divinity; he is very faithful to the exorcist and defends him from temptation by any spirit.

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LVI. GOMORY, a powerful duke, appears like a beautiful woman, wearing a ducal crown. 1 He discovers past, present and future, as also the whereabouts of hidden treasures; he procures the love of women and especially of girls.

LVII. OSE, a great president, appears at first like a leopard

p. 214

and then in human shape. He gives skill in all liberal sciences and true answers concerning divine and secret things. He can change men into any shape that the exorcist may desire, and he that is changed will not know it. 1

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LVIII. AMY, a great president, comes first as a great flaming fire and then as a man. He gives perfect knowledge of astrology and the liberal sciences, with good familiars, and can betray treasures that are kept by spirits. 2

LIX. ORIAS, a great marquis, appears in the form of a

p. 215

lion bestriding a strong horse; he has a serpent's tail and holds two enormous, hissing snakes in his right hand. He teaches the virtues of the planets and the mansions thereof; he transforms men, gives dignities, prelacies and confirmations, with the favour of friends and foes.


212:2 Otherwise, Alloien and Allocer.

212:3 Or of a blackbird.

213:1 And riding on a camel (Wierus).

214:1 He can also reduce them to such a state of insanity that they will believe their identity changed, that they are kings and so forth. The delusion, however, will only endure for one hour (Wierus).

214:2 He is partly of the Order of the Angels and partly of that of the Powers. He hopes to return to the Seventh Thrones in 1200 years, which is incredible, says Wierus.

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