The Absolute Reality

Before, after, and always, there is only the Absolute Reality, the Uncreated Source, the Supreme Reality.  It forms the basis of the mystical experience.  It can be described positively, as in the Vedantin Sacchidananda - Infinite Being, Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Bliss - or negatively, as in the Buddhist Shunyata and the Upanishadic and Dionysian "negative theology"

Strictly speaking, the Absolute Reality is not a "level" of reality at all; for to interpret it as such would be to relativise It, whereas It is beyond all relativity and relationships; the essential Reality behind all the other realities.  It is eternal, infinite, ever-perfect, ever-blissful, and totally unitary.  It is the Brahman, Atman, Buddha-nature, Tao, the Absolute, Godhead of various philosophies and theologies.


The Absolute and Relative Realities
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Unmanifest Absolute
Consciousness Absolute
Godhead Absolute
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The Absolute Reality
The Manifest Absolute
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The Absolute Reality
The_Absolute Reality

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