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    Proclus the Magician?
    Author: * Nikolaos Cleomenes - 254 Posts
    Date: Jul 21, 2003 - 04:31


    I would like to post a message concerning the question, was or wasn’t Proclus a magician?

    Few words for his life; In Constantinople at the year of ~410 Proclus was born. He was raised under the notion of an ethical and moral way of living[1] and because of that he believed for him that was a continuation of the Neo-Pythagoreans, as he stated that was a reincarnation “ermaikh diadoch” of the Pythagorean Nikomachou.

    It was believed that Proclus was a follower of the theorgical “qeourgia” Neo-Platonism. He believed to the separation of moralities to, ethical, political, theoretical and theorgical. He accepted the ascetic way of living. A way that was first introduced in Egypt and the Egyptian clergy, hence, when Proclus went to Egypt and studied philosophy under the orders of Oriona he learned their ways.

    Like a number of the Neo-Platonists lived in the ages of anxiety for the polytheists, Proclus was accused as a magician and he was sent in Syria. Although he return buck to his beloved Athens with the favor of Christian emperor, the accusation continued until he died in 485 after of 75 years of glorious life.

    So what was his relation with magic? Can we link magic with the philosophical based theorgia? How can we find a fair way to find that out?

    [1]Marinou Neapolitou, Proklos h peri eydaimonias, publishing V. Cousin, Procli philosophi Platonici opera inedita, Paris 1864, BT, Leipzig 1897, pp. 24-79.

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