The Leokoreion

The site of the assassination of Hipparchus was the Leokoreion, a walled-in sanctuary with a public well in front.  It was probably located at the northwest end of the Agora just opposite the Stoas of Zeus Eleutherios (only a small portion of the building is visible in the upper left hand corner) and the Royal Stoa (fully visible) and facing the Painted Stoa.  Because the Leokoreion was also known as the "Crossroads Enclosure," it is placed  in this reconstruction at the intersection of two roads, the main (wider) thoroughfare being the Panathenaic Way.  The wagon driver is headed south down the Panathenaic Way toward the Acropolis.  The Leokoreion  was named after the daughters of Leos, who, according to legend, were sacrificed to save the city during a plague.

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