The Caerleon Sims

In Second Life, a "sim" (short for simulator) is a region of virtual space, usually appearing as an "island," that is generated by an internet server. A sim has an owner (the Caerleon sims are owned by the instructor of this course) and is a place where people gather as avatars to participate in social, commercial, educational, scientific, or artistic projects. There are currently nine Caerleon sims (nine "islands") four in Second Life and five in an alternative virtual world called ReactionGrid. They were founded two tears ago, and currently are home to more than forty visual artists, writers, scholars, and musicians from the United States, Canada, Argentina, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Serbia, Poland, Australia, and Korea. Students in this course must get a free account with Second Life in order to access the artworks and artists of the Caerleon sims.