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Ellen Marie Douglas



Assistant Professor

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Curriculum Vitae







  • Ph.D. Water Resources Engineering, 2002
    Tufts University, MA
  • M.S. Civil Engineering, 1994
    University of New Hampshire, NH
  • B.S. Hydrology, 1991 (summa cum laude)
    University of New Hampshire, NH
  • Professional Geologist, State of New Hampshire, 2002
  • Professional Engineer, State of New Hampshire, 1998










Prior to coming to UMB, I was a research scientist at the University of New Hampshire. My research involved the analysis of regional to global scale hydrologic processes and the impacts of human water use (particularly agricultural irrigation) on the hydrologic cycle. Specific research activities include quantifying non-sustainable water use globally and  investigating  the effects of irrgation on land-atmosphere interactions in India.

At UMB, I am developing a research program that will also include sustainable water use and water management issues at the watershed to regional scale. Specific areas of interes

  • estimating the impacts of climate change on hydroclimatology and coastal systems 
  • monitoring the effects of river restoration activities
  • using economic models for promoting sustainable water use










Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center: Developing a physically-based and policy-relevant river classification scheme for sustainable water and ecosystem management decisions PI Douglas, co-I Karen Simpson,  Mar 2010 - Feb 2011.

NASA Terrestrial Hydrology Program: The history of agricultural irrigation expansion - developing useful datasets of global irrigated areas and irrigation water use from remote sensing and hydrology modeling.

NOAA Sectoral Analysis Research Program: Coastal Management: Coastal Flooding and Environmental Justice: Developing Strategies for Adapting to Climate Change, co-Is Paul Kirshen (Tufts), Mathias Ruth (U. Maryland), Allen Gontz (UMB), Jack Wiggin (UMB-Urban Harbors Institute), Jul 2008-Jun 2010.









  • EEOS 657 Fluvial Hydrology
  • EEOS 261 Statistics for Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences
  • EEOS 350 Quantitative Hydrogeology











  • EEOS Admissions Committee
  • EEOS IRB coordinator











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  • Karen Simpson, PhD student
  • Mohammad Alshawaf, PhD student 
  • Elizabeth Sun, PhD student
  • Doina Oglavie, MS student
  • Kevin O'Brion, MS student
  • Michael Riccio, MS student
  • Mythreyi Balaji, BS EEOS 
  • Chandler Goodale, BS EEOS
  • Steve Kichefski, MS Env, Sci, graduated Dec 2009
  • Barry Fradkin, MS Env. Sci, graduated Dec 2009
  • Brett Hillman, MS student, graduated Dec 2009
  • Liz Carpenter, BA EEOS, graduated June 2009
  • Chelsea Faribank, BS EEOS, graduated May 2008
  • Mike Richardi, non-matriculated

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In Review or Preparation (as of 4/19/2010)

Douglas, E. M., C. Fairbank and S. Kichefski.  Is precipitation in New England becoming more extreme? J. Hydrologic Engineering, in review, April 2010. (PDF Format)

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Vörösmarty, C.J., E. M. Douglas, C. Fairbank, A. Thompson, J. Thouin, E. Rosameer and M. Rawlins. A global geography of non-sustainable water use, Science Brevia, anticipated submission, Jan 2010.

Kichefski, S., B. Fradkin and E. M. Douglas, Monitoring and modeling changes in flow and sediment transport in Red Brook, a small coastal stream in southeastern, Massachusetts, in preparation.

Hillman, B., E. M. Douglas and D. G. Terkla, Sustainable Water Use and Economic Valuation: A Case Study of the Yakima River in Washington, in preparation.

Simpson, K., B. Hillman and E. M. Douglas, Global river classification: linking hydrologic and ecologic data for a consistent classification method, in preparation.

Douglas, E., P. Kirshen, C. Watson, M. Paolisso, S. Goodwin and M. Ruth, in preparation.  Coastal flooding and climate change: impacts and adaptations for an environmental justice community in Boston, Massachusetts.

Faivre, E. and E. Douglas, C. Bolster and S. L. Dingman, A multivariate biogeomorphic analysis of mountainous forest streams in Georgia and Wyoming, Geomorphology, in preparation.


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(PDF Format)

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(PDF Format)

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