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Massachusetts Needs French



Belgian Consular Representative:: Mr. Alan MARCUSE, Honorary Consul

Home Network Assets LLC, 11 Foster Street, Brighton, MA 02135

Phone (617) 779-8700, Fax (617) 779-7923


Canadian Consulate General in Boston

Three Copley Place, Suite 400, Boston, MA 02116

Tel: (617) 262-3760, Fax: (617) 262-3415


Québec Delegation, Boston

One Boston Place, 201 Washington Street, Suite 1920, Boston, MA 02108

Tel: (617) 482-1193, Fax: (617) 482-1195


Consulat Général de France à Boston

31 Saint James Avenue, Suite 750, Boston, MA 02116

Tel. (617) 542 7374



Bienvenue à Boston: (includes cultural calendar for the Boston area)

The Boston French Center/Alliance Française de Boston et de Cambridge:

53 Marlborough Street, BOSTON, MA 02116

Tel. 617-912-0400, Fax. 617-912-0450


Boston/Strasbourg Sister Cities:

French Heritage Society:

Franco American Club:

Emigration to New England:

The Institut Français/French Institute (Assumption College)

A Number of Massachusetts French Societies:

L'Union des Français de l'Etranger de la Nouvelle-Angleterre:

Boston Accueil:

The LaFayette Society:

Box 121, State House, MA 02133


Media in Massachusetts with some French content


Malden: ACCESS / 17 000 - France Feelings Canapé/JF2

Boston: MATV / 225 000 - France Feelings Canapé/Educational programs

Shrewsbury: SPAC / 13 000 - France Feelings /Educational programs


Cambridge: WRCA / 1330 AM

WMBR-FM 88.1 ("French Toast", Mondays 6-8am and archived)

Boston: *WJIB / 740 AM

WUMB-FM 91.9 ("L'Air du temps", 24/7 webcast)

Waltham: WBRS / 100.1 FM

Amherst: WMUA / 91.1 FM

Waltham: WBRS / 100.1 FM

Newton: WNTN / 1550 AM

WZBC / 90.3 FM

Brockton: WMSX / 1410


French Moments in Massachusetts History

• Pre-1492: Evidence exists convincing some historians that intrepid fishermen from the Basque region between Spain and France, and also possibly from Portugal and Brittany, being excluded from European fishing grounds, sailed west, discovered the abundant cod fishing grounds of the Grand Banks

• 1604 - Samuel de Champlain explores and maps coast.

• 1629 - About 50 Huguenots given permission to settle in Charlestown.

• 1662 - Jean Touton's colony in Massachusetts founded.

• 1680 - Huguenots coming directly from La Rochelle settle in Boston.

• 1687 - A French Huguenot fortified settlement located on Fort Hill.

• 1689 The first of four French and Indian Wars broke out.

• 1704 - 300 French and Indians destroy Deerfield, Massachusetts.

• 1713 - Oxford MA was established by thirty Huguenot families, granted 2,500 acres of land.

• 1719 - France constructed the Fortress of Louisbourg to protect Isle Royale and Isle St. Jean

• 1754 - William Shirley, the colonial governor of Massachusetts played a major role in planning the "Grand Dérangement", the ethnic cleansing of Acadia.

• 1755-1756:six deportation ships leave Acadian ports for Massachusetts (Helena, Race Horse, Seaflower, Swallow, Vulture, Eagle)

• 1756 - Acadian exiles arrive in Andover Massachusetts.

• 1760 - 1300 Acadians are sent to Boston. When Massachusetts refuses to take them, they are re-dispatched to Halifax, where they are detained as prisoners of war.

• 1778 - John Adams went to France as commissioner.

• 1796 - Exiled French king Louis Philippe taught French to the elite of Boston, while living on the second floor of what is now the Union Oyster House

• 1831 - (September 8 & 9) Alexis de Tocqueville visits Massachusetts

• 1869 - French Atlantic Cable landed (Duxbury, July 23)

• 1880 - About 40% of French-Canadian immigrants in the US were Massachusetts residents.

• 1900 - Massachusetts Franco-American population over a quarter of a million of nearly half of the entire New England Franco-American population.

• 1922 - Jack Kerouac is born in Lowell Massachusetts (Jean-Luis Lebris de Kerouac)

• 1927 - 178 Franco-American doctors in Massachusetts


• The Franco-Americans in Lowell, Massachusetts:

• The New England Mills and the Franco/American

• Acadian Survival in New England:

• Acadians in Massachusetts:

• Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home:

• American-French Genealogical Society:

• Acadians Exiled to Andover Massachusetts 1755-1760:

• French in New England:

• Maps of the French and Indian War From the collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society:

• "The Eldorado to the South": French-Canadians in the U.S.:

• Jacques Ferland, "Canadiens, Acadiens, and Canada: Knowledge and Ethnicity in Labour History"

• Massachusetts Historical Society:

• Precious Blood Cemetery (mostly French Canadians):

• Tocqueville's Boston:

• "The Chinese of the Eastern States" - Carroll Wright and French Canadian Immigration:

• Atwood, Rhean Hollis. Boston's French Secrets. Guided Walks that Reveal Boston's French Heritage. Boston:

Images from the Past Inc, 2004.

• Petrin, Ronald Arthur. French Canadians in Massachusetts politics, 1885-1915 : Ethnicity and Political Pragmatism. Philadelphia: London : Balch Institute Press ; Associated University Presses, ©1990.

• Santerre, Richard. La paroisse Saint Jean-Baptiste et les Franco-Américains de Lowell, Massachusetts, 1868 à 1968. Manchester, NH : Editions Lafayette, 1993.


Important addresses for Education in Massachusetts

American Association of Teachers of French (AATF), Chapitre Eastern Massachusetts:

Brian Thompson, President:,

Modern Languages, UMassBoston, 100 Morrrissey Bd, Boston 02125

Joyce Beckwith, Treasurer:

Chapitre Western Massachusetts

Nicole S. Desrosiers, President: /

Lenox Memorial High School, 197 East Street, Lenox, MA 01240

Gisèle Zachary, Secretary-Treasurer:

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association:

Massachusetts Department of Education:

350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148

Phone: (781) 338-3000, Fax: (781) 338-3395, TTY: (800) 439-2370


Ecole Internationale de Boston/International School of Boston (formerly Ecole Bilingue)

Franco American School (Lowell):

British School in Boston (French from kindergarten, IB diploma 16-18)

International Baccalaureat Programs

Sturgis Charter Public School, Hyannis, MA

High School of Commerce, Springfield, MA


Francophone Demographics of Massachusetts

• There are nearly 130,000 Massachusetts residents whose native language is French, French Creole, French Patois or Cajun.This makes French the 4th language of Massachusetts.

• About 820,000 Massachusetts residents claim either Franco-American or French Canadian heritage.

• Haitians in America > Boston:


French Place Names in Massachusetts

Beauport, Bourne, Cataumet, Orleans, East Orleans, South Orleans, Patuisset, Montville, Bosquet, Savoy, Granville, French Watering Place, Touisset, Eglise Philadelphia Church, Grand Vue, Bellevue, Bouchard Pond, Barre, Gibertville, Pocasset, Acushnet

Massachusetts Place Names:


Massachusetts and International Business:

French-American Chamber of Commerce Office: NEW ENGLAND - Massachusetts:

Directrice : Mme Elisabeth GEFFRAY, 53 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA 02116

Téléphone 00 1 617 247 1366 - Télécopie 00 1 617 247 1367, E-mail :

Mission Economique de l'Ambassade de France:


Canadian Business Connections with Massachusetts

In 2004 alone, Canadian businesses invested about $43 million in Massachusetts, while Canada-Massachusetts trade supported 134,000 jobs in the state.


Massachusetts is quite export dependant.

Massachusetts Export Center:

The Massachusetts Office of International Trade & Investment (MOITI):

Massachusetts International Trade Assistance Center:

Massachusetts News: International Trade:

"Massachusetts" (paroles d'une chanson de Zachary Richard):

Massachusetts: Exports, Jobs, and Foreign Investment:

Total exports to Massachusetts' top 25 trading partners for 2004: $20,493,600,000

        In millions of dollars for the same year:

Canada         2,898.5

France          859.3

Belgium       335.3

20% of Massachusetts exports went to francophone countries

2005 figures show Francophone countries representing the same percentage in the export markets.

Total value of trans-border surface freight between Canada and Massachusetts from January 2005 to January 2006:

        All Canadian Provinces to Massachusetts: $6,103,180,310

        Massachusetts to All Canadian Provinces: $2,465,570,044

134,000 Massachusetts jobs are supported by Canada-U.S. trade. Massachusetts is among the top 5 states exporting to the European Union.

With fully 6% of its work force employed by foreign companies operating in Massachusetts, the state ranks number 7 nationally in this effect of foreign-direct investment.


Massachusetts-based companies with brances and offices in France:

3com Corporation - Marlborough, MA

Adams, Harkness & Hill - Boston, MA

Advanced Visual Systems (Avs) - Waltham, MA

Advent International Corporation - Boston, MAAkamai Technologies, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Analog Devices, Inc. - Norwood, MA

Art Technology Group, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Ascential Software Corporation - Westboro, MA

Aspen Technology, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Astex (Applied Science & Technology) Mks Instruments - Woburn, MA

Avid Technology, Inc. - Tewksbury, MA

Axcelis Technologies, Inc. - Beverly, MA

Axeda Systems Inc. - Mansfield, MA

Bain & Company - Boston, MA

Biogen, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Biosphere Medical, Inc. - Rockland, MA

Bladelogic, Inc. - Waltham, MA

Bose Corporation - Framingham, MA

Boston Consulting Group - Boston, MA

Boston Metal Products - Medford, MA

Boston Scientific Corporation - Watertown, MA

Brassring LLC - Waltham, MA

Brooks Automation, Inc. - Chelmsford, MA

Btu International - North Billerica, MA

Cabot Corporation - Boston, MA

Cambridge Technology Partners - Cambridge, MA

Candela Corporation - Wayland, MA

Centra Software, Inc - Lexington, MA

Charles River Laboratories, Inc. - Wilmington, MA

Ciba Corning Diagnostics Corp. - Norwood, MA

Circor International, Inc. - Burlington, MA

Cognex - Natick, MA

Concerto Software, Inc. - Westford, MA

Concord Communications, Inc. - Marlboro, MA

Connected Corporation - Framingham, MA

Converge, Inc. - Peabody, MA

Crossbeam Systems, Inc. - Concord, MA

Cytyc Corporation - Boxborough, MA

Data General Corporation - Wesborough, MA

Datawatch Corporation - Lowell, MA

Datel Inc. - Mansfield, MA

Dome Imaging Systems, Inc. - Waltham, MA

Downer & Company Llc - Boston, MA

Dynisco Inc. - Franklin, MA

Emc Corporation - Hopkinton, MA

Enigma, Inc. - Burlington, MA

Exa Corporation - Lexington, MA

Fidelity Investments - Boston, MA

Forrester Research, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Ge Advanced Materials - General Electric Company - Pittsfield, MA

Genrad, Inc. - Westford, MA

Gensym Corp. - Cambridge, MA

Genzyme Corporation - Cambridge, MA

Giga Information Group - Cambridge, MA

Gillette Co. - Boston, MA

Global Insight, Inc. - Waltham, MA

Global Trading Systems - Waltham, MA

Grand Circle Travel - Boston, MA

Haemonetics Corporation - Braintree, MA

Harvard Bioscience, Inc. - Holliston, MA

Harvard Business School - Boston, MA

High Voltage Engineering - Wakefield, MA

I-Logix Inc. - Andover, MA

Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Ineoquest Technologies, Inc. (Wind River Systems, Inc.) - Mansfield, MA

Instron Corporation - Canton, MA

Integrated Development Enterprise, Inc. (Ide) - Concord, MA

International Data Group (Idg) - Boston, MA

Interpolymer Corporation - Canton, MA

Intersystems Corporation - Cambridge, MA

Interwise - Cambridge, MA

Invention Machine Corporation - Boston, MA

Iron Mountain, Inc. - Boston, MA

Koch Membrane Systems - Wilmington, MA

Liberty Mutual Group - Boston, MA

Lionbridge Technologies - Waltham, MA

Lodestar Corporation - Peabody, MA

Lotus Development - Cambridge, MAc. - Westford, MA

Lycos - Waltham, MA

Matrixone, Inport Meeting Maker, Inc. - Waltham, MA

Mercury Computer Systems Inc. - Chelmsford, MA

Metratech Corp. - Waltham, MA

Millipore Corporation - Billerica, MA

Mks Instruments - Andover, MA

Modus Media International Inc. - Westwood, MA

Moldflow Corporation - Wayland, MA

Mro Software, Inc. - Bedford, MA

Mykrolis Corporation - Billerica, MA

Natural Microsystems - Framingham, MA

Netegrity, Inc. - Waltham, MA

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. - Boston, MA

Newsedge Corporation - Burlington, MA

Nova Biomedical Inc. - Waltham, MA

Nucleus Research Inc. - Wellesley, MA

Nugenesis Technologies Corp. - Westborough, MA

Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc., - Cambridge, MA

Nypro Inc. - Clinton, MA

Olin Aegis - New Bedford, MA

Optiant, Inc. - Burlington, MA

Opticom Inc. - Andover, MA

Parametric Technology Corp. - Needham, MA

Parexel International - Waltham, MA

Pegasystems Inc. - Cambridge, MA

Perkinelmer, Inc. - Wellesley, MA

Phase Forward, Inc. - Lexington, MA

Pixley Richards, Inc. - Plymouth, MA

Polaroid Corporation - Waltham, MA

Popstick, Inc. - Boston, MA

Pri Automation Inc. - Billerica, MA

Primark (Datastream Intl.) - Waltham, MA

Progress Software Corporation - Bedford, MA

Proquent Systems, Inc. - Marlborough, MArtE

Quallaby Corporation - Lowell, MA

Raytheon Company - Waltham, MA

Reebok International Ltd. - Canton, MA

Rsa Security Inc. - Bedford, MA

Scansoft, Inc. - Peabody, MA

Seachange International - Maynard, MA

Shipley Company, L.L.C. (Rohm And Hass) - Marlborough, MA

Sli, Inc. - Canton, MA

Softech, Inc. - Tewksbury, MA

Sonic Software Corporation - Bedford, MA

Sonus Networks, Inc. - Westford, MA

Speechworks International, Inc. - Boston, MA

Staples, Inc. - Framingham, MA

Starburst Communications - Concord, MA

Starent Networks Corporation - Tewksbury, MA

Starwood Hotels And Resorts - Boston, MA

State Street Corp. - Boston, MA

Strategy Analytics, Inc. - Newton Centre, MA

Strem Chemicals, Inc. - Newburyport, MA

Summit Design - Burlington, MA

Sycamore Networks - Chelmsford, MA

Synchronicity, Inc. - Marlboro, MA

Synventive Molding Solutions Inc. (Berwind Group) - Peabody, MA

Systinet Corporation - Cambridge, MA

Teradyne - Boston, MA

The Mathworks, Inc. - Natick, MA

The Stride Rite Corporation - Lexington, MA

Thermo Electron Corp. - Waltham, MA

Thomson Financial Services - Boston, MA

Top Layer Networks, Inc. - Westboro, MA

Tower Technology - Boston, MA

Unica Corporation - Waltham, MA

Vanguard Managed Solutions (Platinum Equity) - Mansfield, MA

Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc. (Vsea) - Gloucester, MA

Vistasource, Inc. - Westboro, MA

Walker Magnetics Group - Worcester, MA

Waters Corporation - Milford, MA

Watts Industries - North Andover, MA

Wave Systems Corp. - Lee, MA

Xevo Inc. - Marlborough, MA

Zoll Medical Corporation - Burlington, MA

Zymark Corporation (Berwind Group) - Hopkinton, MA