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Earthen Vessels is currently searching for a new Educational Coordinator to begin her/his duties in September 2006.

Educational Coordinator

The Educational Coordinator works in close collaboration with the Program Director. The EC is responsible for making the liaison between the schools and teachers on the one hand, and the tutors and families of the children in the program on the other. The EC also participates in Earthen Vessels' summer camp.

Educational Coordinator Tasks

For Tutoring

With Schools and Teachers Visits all the teachers of the children in the program at least twice a year to ascertain child's need and progress. Follow up when needed. Contacts with school administration, guidance counselors when needed. Writes reports of all visits to teachers. Seeks evaluation of the program by teachers at the end of the school year.

With Tutors

Participates in the training of tutors at the beginning of the year. Attends individual conferences with tutors and Program Director. Writes reports summarizing each tutor conference. Attends tutor meetings each week. Assists in planning for and participates in two retreats a year for tutors and two tutor-tutee days (Saturdays).

With Families

Visits families with Program Director to make the liaison between school, tutoring and the parents. Accompanies parents to special meetings at school when needed for support and advocacy.

With Tutees

Shares with Program Director the responsibility of spending time with individual tutees who need to talk out a specific problem. Is responsible for preparing and presenting performances by the tutees at the Community Event, and for encouraging the production of tutees' writing and art work gathered in a publication for the Community Event. Researches high school options for all 8th graders in the program and follows up with them on the application process, school entrance exam, visits, etc... Follows up with high-risk tutees after tutoring ends in mid-May, attends graduations. Writes annual reports summarizing the progress of each child in school and at tutoring at the end of the school year. Summarizes the results of evaluation surveys of tutees.

At the Tutoring Center

Attends tutoring and is responsible for bringing the snacks, setting up and closing the tutoring center. Maintains school supplies at the tutoring center and builds up the library with new books and materials as needed.

For Summer Camp

Visits families of potential campers with Program Director, assists in the planning and preparations for camp and especially material from the tutoring center needed at camp. Participates in camp as a head counselor .


BA in Education, one or two years teaching experience in inner-city schools.

Fluency in Spanish helpful

Salary: $32,000 plus full health insurance coverage

Starting Date: by September 2006

Send resume with letter of application to: Marie-Claude Thompson, 170 Appleton St., Cambridge MA 02138. Email:


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