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Décines, a suburb of Lyon, a curious crossroads where immigrants of all nationalites share their traitions, their hopes. This is where Aram Sédéfian, born of Armenian parents, spent his childhood.

At 15, he discovers a passion: Music. He is given an guitar and begins playing alone, then with Gypsies who perpetuate the memory of the great Django...

Married early and the father of two boys, he first works for an airline company. But he has not abandoned the guitar and begins to compose his first songs.

1974 he meets Pierre BAROUH who will produce his first album with SARAVAH.

1976 album A la terrasse du café, including a song which gets a lot of radio play, "Sheherazade"

1978 release of Yannick Bellon's film, L'Amour volé, with music by Aram

release of a 45rpm: "Souriez" is on the Hit Parade of R.T.L.

1979 album Nonchalant : "Moi je danse pas" is on the Hit Parade of RTL,

"Nonchalant" is on the Hit Parade of RMC

Participation in Numéro 1 of Alain SOUCHON

Participation in the Printemps de Bourges festival, at the Grand Théâtre

Chosen by France-Inter to represent France at the Festival de Spa (Belgium): Prix de la meilleure chanson inédite for "Romance mélo"

Concert at Le Théâtre d'Orsay

1980 Aram writes and records the song of the film Premier voyage by Nadine Trintignant

New album in the "Paroles and musiques" series with RCA

Participates in Le Mai de la Chanson organized by RTL

Participates in the Grand Echiquier program dedicated to Aznavour

Concert at the Studio Bernard

From 1982 on, Aram ceases recording, works in a travel agency, crisscrosses the world, becomes a specialist on South East Asia for Voyageurs du Monde. From time to time, songs are born from his guitar, signs of a new maturity.

1997 Once again, Pierre BAROUH makes it possible to gather these songs into a CD, Ces moments-là


Le Matin

Aram au the Théâtre d'Orsay: A nostalgia open to dreams

Everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait! Aram &endash;singer-songwriter&endash;has just received a first official consecration by winning the laurels of the Festival de Spa, one of last serious manifestations among international song competitions. Tonight he will inaugurate his brand new glory at the Month of Song in Orsay.

One title, and really only one, has allowed him access to the radio waves. "Moi, je ne danse pas", a somewhat nostalgic "thing" about les balls of the 60's, back in the time of Bennet Bennet and his Africo-Cubans Boys, with a music which works every time, but with a sensitivity and a rigor in the writing which are the "marks" of an authentic creator!

Aram, given his Armenian origins, makes no mystery about his nostalgic temperament. But this is a nostalgia open to dreaming, the the marvelous, and not that which accumulates the memories of a war veteran. Reminiscent of oriental storytellers, each song he writes is a story in itself. Often derisory, but always tender, always close to man and to what Cocteau calls "everyday marvel". And all that with the necessary distantiation of humor.

In times where the chanson is finding a great second wind with people like Yves Simon, Alain Souchon or Michel Jonasz, Aram manages the remarkable performance of inscribing himself in their current, but marking out his own space through climates which are only his own!

Beyond the quality of the writing and the music, le Festival de Spa has also allowed us to discover Aram on stage. After two LPs (the latest bears the general title of Nonchalant, RCA records), he's set to work on the aspect too often hidden with today's singers: the show.

Henri Quiqueré